Cabin Se Tu Dix | Floripa Carnival 2024

! - This event/schedule has already happened - !

In this year, the awaited Cabin Se Tu Dix confirms its presence on the Samba Nego Quirido Catwalk. There will be several attractions, as well as an open bar and open food service to entertain revelers even more.

The confirmed attractions are important, including Lucca e Chris Darlan in the pagoda, Sarkis with a repertoire open format e Zabot DJ bringing electronic sounds and more open format for musical diversity.

The open bar offers a premium selection of drinks, highlighting Johnnie Walker Blonde whiskey, Tanqueray gin, Ketel One vodka, Red Bull energy drink, Brahma Duplo Malt beer, as well as soft drinks, tonic, juice and water options.

The open food, provided by Estação 261, promises to surprise with a wonderful menu.

But to enjoy this festival, it is mandatory to use the official abadá of this edition. It is also important to highlight the need to present an official document with a photo and the ban on entry of minors. And if you drink, don't drive: the place doesn't have parking.

Coupon with 5%

Important: buy tickets via the Guia Floripa link (the button at the end of this post) and get a 5% discount.


The event is the result of a partnership between Agência PHE, GSA Shows and O Fulano, guaranteeing a unique and memorable carnival experience.

Attractions that should keep up the pace of the cabin

  Start: 10/02/2024 21:00

  End: 11/02/2024 06:00

  Values: R$ 304 (with discount applied) - female | from R$ 370 (with discount) - male.