Carnival 2024: Cabin What a Beauty! on the Nego Quirido Walkway, in the center of Florianópolis

! - This event/schedule has already happened - !

The Florianópolis samba school parade, on Passarela Nego Quirido, in the Center, has spaces for boxes, which will make Carnival even more lively.

The Cabin What a Beauty! presence is confirmed, on February 10th, Saturday, from 22pm. The event is expected to end when the last samba school performs, at 06am.

The open bar will be complete, with gin, vodka, energy drinks, beer, drinks, soft drinks, tonic and water. In addition, the open food will have açaí, popsicles, sweets, carreteiro and potatoes, from major brands in the gastronomic sector.

Still, lots of music with Sound Trio, Cadu Duarte, DJ's Coy, Dyve, Thiago Kuhnen, Tedesco, Zezin x Moser, as well as Guile.

  Start: 10/02/2024 22:00

  End: 11/02/2024 06:00

  Values: R$ 650 (female)/R$ 750 (male)