Carnival 2024: Florianópolis Samba Schools Parade shakes up the Nego Quirido Catwalk

! - This event/schedule has already happened - !

The Florianópolis samba school parade shakes up the Florianópolis Carnival. This year, it takes place in February 10th, Saturday, from 17h.

It will be a spectacle of colors, creativity, history, culture and lots of samba, which will shake up the Nego Quirido Passageway, in the Center of the Capital.

Order of presentation of schools

The first school, the Guarani Nation, opens the walkway from 17h. The second samba school to perform will be palm tree garden, from 18:40 am.

Then comes the red and white empire, Starting at 20 h. In addition Dascuia parades from 21h15. Yes, The Princess's Protected appears from the 22h30.

A Magic Island Union The early morning presentation begins, from midnight. The Academics from the South of the Island continues from 1h, while the consulate starts at 02h15.

To finish, the Lord's Cup Starting at 03h and States of Colonine to 04h45. The event is expected to end at 06h

Ticket sales

Do you want to enjoy the carnival atmosphere and have fun at this party? Tickets can be purchased on the Blueticket website and at Fort Atacadista. There are several boxes with an open bar, open food and musical attractions during breaks. Follow the Carnival schedule on Guia Floripa.

  Start: 10/02/2024 17:30

  End: 11/02/2024 06:00