Valentine's Day at Alice's Bar, in Florianópolis

Love is in the air Alice's Bar, in the Center of Florianópolis! The space hosts a special Valentine's Day dinner, on June 12th, from 19pm to 21pm. The space has an Alice in Wonderland theme, a variety of themed dishes and drinks.

The special menu consists of three types of starter, main and dessert. A first entry it's buñuelos served with cream cheese and smoked paprika, already the second é stuffed couscous croquette with freshness from the earth.

The third entry consists of creamed corn served with a chicken drumstick, stuffed with Blumenau sausage, accompanied by a perfect egg, which is prepared using various gastronomic techniques.

The main menu consists of three options to choose from: option 1 (banana gnocchi with creamy moequeca sauce and grilled prawns); option 2 (chorizo ​​steak with potato cream, corn flour, rapadura reduction and chimichurri) or option 3 (risotto of creamy Funghi with Vegetable Demi Glace, which is a vegetarian dish).

To close, a dessert of mini chocolate Naked Cake served with strawberries in sparkling sauce.

  Start: 12/06/2024 19:00

  End: 12/06/2024 21:00

  Values: R$ 360