Integrated Culture Center hosts the exhibition 'The Siege'

The groups Livro de Artista Florianópolis and Bordando Tradições present the exhibition "O Cerco" in the Lindolf Bell Room, at the Centro Integrado de Cultura (CIC). The exhibition portrays mullet fishing in different forms of artistic expression. The opening takes place on May 17th, at 19:30 pm, with a performance by Banda Mil Flores, formed by musicians and artists Cacília Ramos, Emanuel Pereira, João Rômulo, Juan Carvalho, Luiz Mesquita, Marcelo Frias, Patrícia Amante, Silvano André Malagoli and Sérgio Prosdocimo.

The free visitation continues until June 17th, always from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 21pm. The exhibition is curated by Patrícia Amante.

Mullet fishing can be a way to record and share the traditions and culture that surround this activity. The use of images, illustrations and even excerpts from fishermen's reports can be explored to convey the unique atmosphere of this event. Therefore, mullet fishing becomes a way of preserving and valuing tradition, allowing more people to learn about and appreciate important cultural and economic activities. It is a way to rescue and give visibility to this intangible heritage, helping to strengthen the identity and pride of the communities involved.

All Dates:
From 17/05/2024 to 17/06/2024
↳ Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

  Start: 17/05/2024 10:00

  End: 16/06/2024 20:00

  Values: free admission.

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