Exhibition “Standartes em Contratempos” – at the Santa Catarina Historical Museum

"Banners in Setbacks" is the name of the new exhibition that the Santa Catarina Historical Museum, at Palácio Cruz e Sousa, will host from April 26th, at 18:30 pm. The exhibition proposes an immersion in aesthetics, culture, symbols, rites and processes of making carnival (from the carnival production) of the Samba Schools of Greater Florianópolis. Free visitation until August 3rd.

The visual scenography proposed in the exhibition creates its plot with stories, photographs, paintings, documents and objects, fantasies and allegories. The collection occupies the entire ground floor of the Santa Catarina Historical Museum, located in the Cruz e Souza Palace, next to Praça XV, where the history of the Florianópolis carnival was born.

Designed and curated by Eneleo Alcides, the exhibition is the result of research work, workshops, dialogues with professionals from the Samba School, photographic records taken by Adriana Fuchter, Cida Laus, Emanuela Valgas, Eneléo Alcides, Helane Schondermark, Marco Sardi, Patrícia Amante and Roberto Alvarenga, with collaboration from Alzemi Machado, Fabrício Peixoto, Graça Carneiro, Marcelo Machado and Rosângela Cherem, theoretical advice and co-production from Fernando Albalustro, support from Escola Câmera Criativa and support from the Liga das Escolas de Sambas de Florianópolis and all Schools.

The exhibition was selected by the Lei Paulo Gustavo LPG SC 2023 Public Notice - Executed with resources from the Federal Government and the Paulo Gustavo Cultural Emergency Law, through the Fundação Catarinense de Cultura.

  Start: 26/04/2024 18:30

  End: 03/06/2024 18:30

  Values: free admission.

Opening 26/04/2024, at 18:30 pm.
Visitation until 03/08/2024. From Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 17:30pm; and Saturdays, from 10am to 14pm. The Museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays.


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