Exhibition 'Valley of Strangeness', by João Salem

The artist João Salem takes the exhibition “Vale da Estranheza” to Galeria Itaguaçu + Arte, until June 3rd, an experience that causes a unique emotional response in spectators. The exhibition features human figures and their representations in historical moments. The artist's difference lies in the use of materials such as resin, silicone, wood, fabric and metal, where around 80% of the material used is recycled and reused. The Santa Catarina native stands out for his talent and ability to create works of art that challenge visual perception, immersing the viewer in a universe of extraordinary details and realism.

"Uncanny Valley” explores the theme of hyperreality, emphasizing the artist's ability to transcend the limits of visual representation. Each work presents a unique narrative, inviting the public to explore and reflect on the intersection between art and reality. This artistic approach often leads viewers to question what they are seeing, as the works seem to capture static moments of reality in an almost unbelievable way. João Salem's technique mainly uses recycled and reused items, highlighting human figures and their representation in moments. historical.

The exhibition, with 11 works, creates an illusion so convincing that it challenges the limits between art and real life, highlighting “The Oracle”, a representative and timeless piece that personifies the Brazilian people, and “The Guardian of the Temple”, which follows the multidimensional immersion in Western history. João Salem invites the viewer to an intense and reflective visual experience, exploring the limits of perception and questioning traditional notions of art and representation.

A native of Criciúma from Santa Catarina, João Salem has a degree in Interior Design with improvement in building models with recycled materials. He has already held several exhibitions, such as the exhibition of hyper-realistic sacred figures, at Casa da Alfândega, in Florianópolis; at the Santo de Casa Art Gallery, in Florianópolis; Um place in the sun art gallery, in Curitiba; Bruxa da Ilha Artistic Center, in Florianópolis, in addition to the replica of the Hercílio Luz Bridge that was also displayed at the Casa da Alfândega, in the Capital. Furthermore, he has already held exhibitions at the Brasília Fair, in the Federal District; Feira das Alfaias, in Florianópolis; and at the Natalino Pelznickel Platz Museum, in Guabiruba.

The Itaguaçu + Arte Project honors and promotes local artists curated by Chris Ribeiro in each monthly exhibition. The “Vale da Estranheza” exhibition is open for viewing on Floor L2 of Shopping Itaguaçu, with free access. For more information, check out the mall's social media.

  Start: 08/05/2024 10:00

  End: 03/06/2024 22:00

  Values: free admission.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 22pm; on Sundays from 12pm to 20pm.

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