Exhibition 'Digitalism: The Centenary of Modernism in Brazil' has its schedule extended until July

After about a month of success among the public, the exhibition "Digitalism: The Centenary of Modernism in Brazil” has been extended and welcomes visitors until June 30th at Museum of Image and Sound (MIS), in Integrated Culture Center (CIC). Curated by Atelier Chris Ribeiro Production, the exhibition presents the public with a unique experience in the digital environment, bringing together around 25 physical works and more than 50 virtual ones. The virtual version of the exhibition will be available until July 27th on the official website.

The artist Christian Chaussard, creator of the exhibition, explains that Digitalism represents a significant evolution in the global cultural and artistic scene. The exhibition brings together works from three collections: “Pareidolia”, “Microcosmos Subexposition” and “Unrealism”. All works have audio description and some can be enjoyed using augmented reality technology, providing visitors with an immersive experience. In addition to the works, a 15-minute short film in which Chaussard reads the Digitalism Manifesto is also part of the exhibition.

Digitalism is a phenomenon that permeates various forms of art and shapes our behavior in the digital age. From literature, predominantly digital, to music, which integrates digital and analog instruments, the movement reflects the expanded possibilities and challenges of technology. Cristiano Chaussard, in addition to being an artist, is a professor and leader in e-commerce, highlighting the importance of Transmídia to extrapolate initial artistic creations to other media. The exhibition also offers meetings guided by the artist himself, both in person and virtually, expanding public interaction and understanding of this innovative artistic expression.

  Start: 28/05/2024 10:30

  End: 27/07/2024 21:00

  Values: free admission.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:30 am to 21 pm. Sunday, from 10am to 21pm. Monday, closed.


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