Tropikalien Music Festival

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The south of the island of Florianópolis is about to vibrate with the first edition of Tropikalien Music Festival, a musical celebration filled with lots of rock'n roll and reggae. The event will take place at "Fermi's Paradox - Alien Bar", in the Campeche neighborhood, on January 13th, from 15pm, promising an unforgettable musical and beer experience for lovers of good music and a good draft beer.

Fermi's Paradox - Alien Bar is home to the multi-award-winning Fermi Brewery, one of the most prestigious on the Island and nationally recognized. So, in addition to lots of good music, the sensory experience will be complete with a tap-list of draft medalist beers and exclusive releases, in addition to the signature drinks and snacks already known from Paradoxo.

Full line-up

Nouvella band: As one of the main attractions, Nouvella brings a fusion of classic rock with soul and blues influences. After being announced as one of the attractions at major festivals such as Lollapalooza 2024, Psicodália Festival and making their debut in Rio de Janeiro on the Meca (URCA) stage, the band is ready to captivate the public with their original repertoire in English and Portuguese.

James Town Band: This alternative formation from Santa Catarina promises a unique reggae experience with influences ranging from Fat Freddys Drop to Criolo. A mix of dub, funk and afrobeat, accompanied by energizing brass, guarantees an unparalleled live performance.

Psilojam Band: The Rock Power Blues trio from Florianópolis is inspired by the psychedelic sounds of the 60s/70s. With a repertoire of original songs and reinterpretations, Psilojam guarantees an authentic and impactful sound journey.

Electric Mojo Band: The quartet, formed by David Meiser, Luiz Mega, Martin Bustingorri and Vi Kakinho, will transport the public back to the 60s with their Freak Blues, playing blues and rock'n'roll classics.

Vinyl wafer: This duo of DJs seeks to explore, through vinyl records, the essence of different sound matrices, especially Brazilian roots, breaking the boundaries of genres in a journey full of rhythms.

Djalma 70: Dedicated to spreading DJ culture through vinyl, Djalma brings the flavor of Brazilian music from the 70s, mixing samba, reggae, soul, boogie, funk and groove.

  Start: 11/01/2024 00:00

  End: 11/01/2024 00:00