Iyemojá Gift from Campeche 2024

! - This event/schedule has already happened - !

O Gift from Iyemojá from Campeche, an Afro-Brazilian cultural and religious tradition dating back more than two decades, promises to enchant again on February 2nd. Organized by the Odoiya Institute and led by Iyá Leke, the event offers a rich program of Afro-Brazilian cultural attractions.

The performances begin at 16pm and continue until 20pm, culminating in the impressive Iyemojá procession along the beach in a procession, accompanied by the community and devotees. This demonstration not only celebrates culture, but also consolidates alliances against religious intolerance and racism.

Last year, the event was attended by around 3 thousand people, including the Ilê Axé Omi Olodo Tolá community, local artists and devotees from all over Greater Florianópolis. In 2024, Presente de Iyemojá seeks to bring together even more people, including fishing communities, surfers, feminist collectives, cultural art, music, dance and capoeira groups, as well as terreiros and umbanda and candomblé centers.

  Start: 02/02/2024 16:00

  End: 02/02/2024 20:00

  Values: free admission.

  •   Marco Square
  • Av. Pequeno Príncipe, snº – Campeche – Florianópolis/SC

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