The Puss in Boots show at the Ademir Rosa Theater (CIC)

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There is children's programming for the whole family in this Sunday (21)! The classic "Puss in Boots", written by French writer Charles Perrault, will be performed in Ademir Rosa Theater (CIC), from theat 16pm.

The tale tells the story of a bankrupt marquis with three children, who died without leaving a fortune. The castle was in ruins, the pantry was empty and the clothes were torn, and all that was left for the three were just the mill, a donkey, a cat and little flour.

Each son inherited the three things that remained. The youngest received the cat, which was magical, and when he put on his magic boots, he managed to get the young marquis out of trouble. The plot also features the dangerous Mountain Ogre, the villain of the story.

The show is produced and directed by Valdir Dutra, lasts one hour and is free to classify.

  Start: 21/04/2024 16:00

  End: 21/04/2024 17:00

  Values: starting at $ 50