Electronic magazine 'Ventilando Acervos' receives submissions until September

The Electronic Magazine 'Ventilando Acervos', published by the Victor Meirelles Museum (Ibram/MinC), has an open call for submissions to receive texts in the form of articles, experience reports, interviews and reviews of books, films or exhibitions. Works must be sent by September 30, 2024 to the email reva@museus.gov.br and the subject of the message must indicate “Job registration”. The journal has a B1 classification in the Brazilian Qualis/CAPES journal evaluation system. Publication standards and more information are available on the website https://ventilandoacervos.museus.gov.br/normas-de-publicacao/ .

Researchers and professionals from Brazilian and foreign museums can share their reflections and activities carried out in the area of ​​collection management in museums within three themes of interest: Collection management in museums, Interfaces between collection management and other museum processes and Collecting. The results of the selected works will be published by November 10, 2024. The publication will be launched in December 2024, in its twelfth volume.

Topics of interest

- Management of collections in museums:

Theoretical and conceptual bases, international guidelines, policies for museum heritage, management of archival, bibliographic and museological collections in museums, methodologies and procedures in documentation, conservation and security;

- Collections management interfaces with other museum processes:

Institutional management, research, exhibition and education in their theoretical-methodological relationships with different fields of knowledge;

- Collecting:

Debates around public or private collections and reflections on our relationship with heritage in the construction and affirmation of memories and identities.

The Study Group

The Collections Policy Study Group was started in November 2011 by the team at the Victor Meirelles Museum to meet the need to establish its Acquisition and Disposal of Museum Assets Policy. Its objectives are to gather sources of studies on the topic and exchange knowledge and experiences regarding the acquisition, management and disposal of collections in museums.

Check the publication rules, the current and previous editions and find out more at http://ventilandoacervos.museus.gov.br/

  Start: 10/06/2024 08:00

  End: 30/09/2024 23:00

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