Tour explores the panoramic view of Campeche Island and the beaches of the East of Florianópolis

A stunning tour option, with unparalleled views, is the Campeche Island itinerary departing from Canal da Barra, in speedboats or yachts that accommodate six to 15 people on board. The tour is provided by Floripa Speedboats, which can be booked via WhatsApp.

The tour is stunning and lasts around eight hours

Beyond the paradise Campeche Island, known as the Brazilian Caribbean, the tour explores the beaches in the East of Florianópolis, such as Canal da Barra, Praia da Joaquina, Praia do Moçambique, Praia da Galheta, Praia Mole, Praia do Gravatá, as well as Farol and Molhe da Barra, and the wonderful natural pools, on the shore of Barra da Lagoa.

The beginning of the tour explores a panorama of the waters of the Barra Canal, with views of the Barra lighthouse and jetty, stopping at the natural pools. Afterwards, it continues on the beaches and ends in the crystal clear waters of Campeche Island. The duration is from 09 am to 17 pm, totaling 08 hours of tour.

Furthermore, the price already includes fuel and the sailor. You are allowed to bring meat and drinks, and you can enjoy the ride while the sailor is responsible for roasting the meat.

  Start: 07/04/2024 09:00

  End: 30/04/2025 17:00

  Values: via WhatsApp 48 99187-8157

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