Mother's Day: lunch facing the sea at Villa do Porto

! - This event/schedule has already happened - !

O Mother's Day is coming and nothing like a special lunch. The restaurant port villa opens on Sunday for Mother's Day lunch, with a special menu.

Restaurant is in a historic mansion. Photo: Disclosure/Villa do Porto Restaurant

Among the highlights of the menu are fish fillet with crispy ridge, mashed potatoes with orange syrup, as well as almond rice.

In addition to enjoying a variety of dishes and seafood, the space faces the sea, in a historic mansion in Santo Antônio de Lisboa. The environment, in addition to being charming, is spacious, with a mezzanine for up to 100 people.

Opening hours on Sundays are from 11:30 am until 20 pm.

  Start: 12/05/2024 11:30

  End: 12/05/2024 20:00

  Values: via WhatsApp (48) 9650-7858

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