Suíte Caiçara Concert takes place in Florianópolis

Music lovers will be able to enjoy the Caiçara Suite Concert in Florianópolis, on the day June 02nd (Sunday), Starting at 18h The duration is 60 minutes, scheduled to close at 19h, and is free for all audiences.

The show is price quotation and occurs in Atelier of Ideas, with artists Marcela Backer, Rafaela Backer and Thales Nunes, who will allude to serenades, soirées, and viola songs from the country and caiçara regions of Brazil. 

In addition, it will also feature the participation of musician and researcher Ricardo Moura on acoustic bass, who accompanies the trio's guitars and voices.

The artists bring their experiences with popular culture to the chamber music environment, encompassing musical pieces, narratives, exhibitions and dialogues about popular culture, research, as well as the artists' process. 

Despite being free, ticket collection must take place at Sympla.

  Start: 02/06/2024 18:00

  End: 02/06/2024 19:00

  Values: Free