Special Paramore, Avril Lavigne and Emo All Stars at Beco Bar

Those nostalgic for the 2000s will love the special Avril Lavigne, Paramore and Emo All Stars show on the day June 22, at 22:30 pm, at Beco Bar, located in the Kobrasol neighborhood, in São José.

Songs such as "Decode" (by Paramore), "I'm with you" and "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne, as well as emo bands such as My Chemical Romance, Fresno and Panic!At The Disco will be present.

The house opens at 18 h, with a varied menu of drinks, draft beer and food, such as Gloriosas Batatas do Alley, hot dogs, hamburgers, falafel and more.

  Start: 22/06/2024 18:00

  End: 23/06/2024 02:00

  Values: R$ 15