Florianópolis Dance Festival runs until February 25th in Florianópolis

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O Florianópolis Dance Festival runs until February 25th at Ademir Rosa Theater (CIC)), in the Agronômica neighborhood, in Florianópolis. An explosion of colors, emotions and creativity will invade the theater with iconic presentations from different disciplines in the Competitive Exhibition.

Check the complete schedule:

23/02 (Friday) at 15:00 pm: Jazz

23/02 (Friday) at 19:00 pm: Contemporary dance

24/02 (Saturday) at 14:00 pm: Commented Scene

24/02 (Saturday) at 19:00 pm: Jazz

25/02 (Sunday) at 16:00 pm: urban dances

25/02 (Sunday) at 19:00 pm: Jazz

Dancers from academies and schools will bring their cinematic creations with reverence for the magic and art of dance and culture.

The classification is free for all audiences. Tickets are on sale on Blueticket, but children under 2 years old are free.

Commented Scene

Furthermore, the Commented Scene, the parallel exhibition that has no evaluation, but is analyzed by a guest professional, will be presented in the same space, on the 24th, at 15pm.

The Commented Scene is open to the public and free, tickets can be purchased at the Ademir Rosa Theater (CIC) or on the Blueticket website. The 906 seats are not numbered.

Battle of Urban Dances

There will also be the Urban Dance Battle on the 25th, starting at 15pm. The competition, in freestyle hip hop, will take place at Espaço Lindolf Bell, also at CIC. Access to the public will be free.

More information at https://www.premiodesterro.com.br/.

  Start: 23/02/2024 19:00

  End: 25/02/2024 21:00

  Values: starting at $ 10