Saravá Festival 2024

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Saravá Festival comes to your 10ª edition and completes the line up with johnny hooker (FOOT). The artist joins the already confirmed musical attractions: Alcione (MA), Gilsons (RJ) invites Rachel Reis (BA), Djonga (MG), Letrux (RJ) and Jesus Lumma (MA) invites Getúlio Abelha (PI) and confirms the festival's commitment to bringing a diverse and interesting line up to Florianópolis.

The Saravá is one of the national events that was awarded the EQUAL SEAL, from the WME (Women’s Music Event) platform, which seeks to honor those who hire women, trans and non-binary people for their teams in Brazil. The entire initiative enhances the festival’s theme this year: “Be free to be whoever you want”, which encourages the public to embrace their diversity and differences and be free to inhabit the event.

This year the Saravá will take place at January 20th, Starting at 16 hAt Arena Empire of the Eagles (Servitude Arina Paschoal, 1313 - Campeche, Florianópolis). The new location is open, wooded, has facilities for PWDs, drinking water for everyone, and we will have affordable drinks, sensory activations, as well as historical shows.

 More about the shows

The great samba diva Alcyone will be on the stage of the island of magic presenting the show that celebrates 50 years of career, showing many hits such as "Do not let Samba die" (a kind of hymn for samba dancers), “Sufoco”, “ Você Me Vira a Cabeça”, “A Loba”, “Meu Ebano”, “Ideal Woman”, “Garoto Maroto”, “Estranha Madness” and many others. With 42 albums, which gave him 26 Gold Records, 07 Platinum, 02 of which were Double Platinum, there isn't much to add to talk about Marrom. For those who want to get used to it, the artist has just launched Alcione 50 Years, recorded live at the Theatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro in partnership with the record label Biscoito Fino.

johnny hooker also performs a special show in celebration of his career, here he focuses on hits that marked the recent history of Brazilian music, such as “Flutua” (a partnership with Liniker), “Amor Marginal”, “Cuba”, “Caetano Veloso”, including three discs: “I’m Gonna Make A Macumba To Tie You Up, Damn It!” (2015) "Heart" (2017) and “ØRGIA” (2022). The artist promises a great dance with contagious energy!

Another big name in the independent scene, letrux brings his indie pop to the Brazilian style and arrives at the Saravá Festival with the show of his latest album “Letrux As Giraffe Woman” released this year. As the album only has 6 songs, the artist will also bring songs that marked the albums “Letrux in Climão Night” (2017) “Letrux in Pistinha Night” (2019) “Letrux in tears” (2020), the artist still celebrates several partnerships in her career, among the most notable are those with Lulu Santos and Fafá de Belém.

Closing the festival, the rapper djonga will raise general! Since he began his career, the artist has shaken things up and presented award-winning and critically praised albums. Among the most relevant awards are the international LAMV (Los Angeles International Music Video Festival), for the clip “Conversation with a white girl", range “The Owner of the Place” (2022), video was directed by Djonga himself in collaboration with Túlio Cipó. In addition to being the only Brazilian nominated for the BET Hip Hop Awards, he competed in 2020 in the category of best international artist with rappers from France, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Kenya. With seven albums under his belt, Djonga has established himself as one of the biggest names in Brazilian rap in history. The 29-year-old singer has a unique lyric in national hip-hop and is known for always taking a fearless stance when asked about racism, politics and music. In his latest album released on October 13, 2023 Inocente “demotape”, the rapper from Minas Gerais speaks lightly about everyday topics, leaving heavy themes, such as racism and violence, to talk about personal issues and seek other sound paths.

Meetings on stage

Rachel Reis will be back at Saravá – the artist showed her solo work in the 2022 edition on the festival stage – but this time she will be on stage with the Gilsons. The Rio de Janeiro and Bahia natives will be in good harmony live, as this year, alongside Múlu, they released “It hit” feat that competed for MPB of the year at the Multishow Awards. The band is formed by Francisco Gil, João Gil and José Gil, the first two of whom are Gilberto Gil's grandchildren and the last, his son.

Success came almost immediately with the song “Várias Queixas” which also gave its name to the EP released in 2021. The first full album “For us to wake up” (2022) served to once and for all consolidate the trio's name in Brazilian music and earned nominations for the Latin Grammy, Multishow Award, PMB Brazilian Music Award and the Faz Diferença Award from Jornal O Globo. The releases saw the group surpass the mark of 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify and proved that the Gilsons know how to make the MPB sound take on a pop and contemporary feel, all with great care.

As the Bahian influence is clear, the partnership with Rachel Reis is innate! Rachel Reis's voice, pen and good balance have been conquering Brazil since she presented her first singles. In her first EP, “Encosta”, the singer and songwriter from Feira de Santana has already won many hearts, especially with the big hit, “Maresia”. “My scheme”  (2022) Rachel's debut album was present on the main lists of the best of the year, but even before that, the artist had already been nominated as Newcomer at the 2022 Multishow Awards.

Jesus Lumma is a trans and northeastern multi-artist, who was born in São Luís (MA) into a circus family and started her original music project in Joinville (SC), here she presents the show “Bicha Solta - Uma Celebração da Vida e da Diversidade”. In her repertoire she brings a fusion of northeastern rhythms, such as Ijexá, Baião and Côco, intertwined with different MPB genres, such as Rap and Reggae. This unique musical language, which was already featured in the soap opera "Quanto Mais Vida, Melhor!" (2021), turns into an unforgettable journey on stage. More than an artist, Lumma is a messenger of acceptance, authenticity and self-love.

Jesus joins the people of Piauí Getúlio Abelha another libertarian, the multi-artist moves freely between traditional forró, pop and electronic. Current issues, politics, bodies, gender and criticism of conservatism are present in the artist's music, dance and audiovisual. On stage, Getúlio is pure explosion, whether because of his colorful and impactful costumes, or because of his overwhelming performance with his choreographed dancers, which crosses pop with a punk attitude and vice versa. With acidic lyrics, an ironic and critical tone, Getúlio Abelha makes us dance, reflect and resist. His debut album, “Marmota” (2021) was highlighted in national and international media.

More about the Saravá festival

The Saravá Festival is a production of Saravá Cultural Productions, headed by producer Adriano Saito and also responsible for selling shows by artists Tagore, Jesus Lumma and others. The event began to be held in January 2017 and has already attracted more than 50 thousand people in 9 editions. Always valuing diversity in the line up, there have been names on stage such as: Gilberto Gil, Céu, Juçara Marçal, Kiko Dinucci, Letrux, Boogarins, Nação Zumbi, Russo Passapusso, Tássia Reis, Ave Sangria, Alceu Valença, Cordel do Fogo Encantado, MC Tha, Rodrigo Alarcon, Ana Frango Elétrico, Maglore, Terno Rei and others.

  Start: 20/01/2024 16:00

  End: 21/01/2024 04:00

  Values: R$ 310 (full) and R$ 155,00 (half), available at the button

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