Mafalda Minnozzi at the Ademir Rosa Theater

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Continente Shopping hosts, on Thursday, 13th, at 8:30 am, the meeting of LIDE Santa Catarina (Group of Business Leaders of Santa Catarina), whose main theme will be 'competitiveness'. The event will bring together important players to debate the latest trends in the corporate world in Santa Catarina and Brazil.

The panel, which will take place at Cinépolis in an event for the press, authorities and guests, will feature panelists Sérgio Brincas, executive director of Hospital Baía Sul and Clínica Imagem; Carlos Alberto Kita Xavier, President CREA-SC; Paloma Zimmer, Marketing Manager at Softplan and Marcelo Gomes, CEO of Hurbana. “The search for competitiveness is on the agenda of companies and society. More competitive companies generate more value for stakeholders, as they grow by creating more and better jobs, expand and hire more suppliers, and generate more wealth and prosperity for the entire community. At the LIDE event we will hear topics such as Smart Cities, Technology, and Health and Well-being that can help organizations to be more competitive”, explains Delton Batista, President of LIDE SC and RS.

  Start: 18/06/2024 20:30

  End: 18/06/2024 22:00

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