Nelsonzêra: event brings rock to country music to Florianópolis

! - This event/schedule has already happened - !

Um event's audience diverse, which explores the variety of musical genres: this is Nelzonzêra, a collaboration between Nelson Musical and Célula Showcase.

The presentation features three bands, which will bring pop, country and rock music, to liven up the night, for the most varied audiences.

It's time to release your voice and explore the best of music. O event's audience is scheduled for April 28th, from 18:30 pm, at Showcase Cell.

The nightclub is located in the João Paulo neighborhood, in Florianópolis, and has a large space. There are tables outside, upstairs and space near the stage. There is a menu with drinks and food, such as barbecue dogs, skewers and drinks.

  Start: 28/04/2024 18:00

  End: 28/04/2024 22:00

  Values: starting at $ 20

  •   Showcase cell
  • João Paulo Highway, 75 – João Paulo
  • Florianópolis
  •   (48) 99962-8351