Play The Poison of Theater in Florianópolis

The play "O Veneno do Teatro" arrives in Florianópolis, with the actors Osmar Prado and Maurício Machado, in a vibrant duel on stage.

The show is scheduled for August 3rd, Saturday, at 20:30 pm, and for the August 04th, Sunday, at 18h, both at the Ademir Rosa Theater (CIC). The rating is 14 years old.

After 10 years away from the stage, Osmar returns in a play by renowned Spaniard Rodolf Sirera, who is one of the greatest playwrights in Europe.

The text has already been performed in more than 60 countries and reflects on aesthetics, the masks of social conventions, the power game and the need for self-knowledge, within the limits of reality and fiction.

  Start: 03/08/2024 20:30

  End: 04/08/2024 20:00

  Values: starting at $ 60