Percussive Word Recital

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Based on the practice of improvisation associated with a timbral investigation, the recital 'Palavra Percussiva', which will have two free performances on the 6th and 10th of April, in Florianópolis, addresses the potential of using the recitation of poems and the sound exploration of instruments as catalytic elements of the musical composition process. The Consonante Duo project is aimed at an adult audience and features a Libras interpreter.

According to actress Lieza Neves, who together with percussionist Marcio Bicaco, forms the Consonante Duo, the recital, which is presented in a scenic way, including visual references elaborated as subtexts, provides access to a cultural product based on technical quality, trajectory and refined repertoire selection.

“The repertoire aims to disseminate and facilitate an increasingly rare encounter with poetry, especially spoken poetry. The world of poetry is singular and multiple at the same time. It is singular when it reveals Being in its unique way of existing and it is multiple when it is the result of lived experience of the world”, highlights Lieza.

Among the poems that will be presented are works by Arnaldo Antunes, Manoel de Barros, Fernando Pessoa, Cecília Meireles, Mario Quintana, Hilda Hilst, among other important names in Portuguese-language literature.

The performances are scheduled for Saturday, April 6th, starting at 19pm, at Teatro Camarim, located on Rua Profa. Antonieta de Barros, 976, Canto, continental region of Florianópolis and on April 10, Wednesday, at Teatro Sesc Prainha, located at Travessa Sirático Atherino, 100, right in the Center of the Capital. Free tickets will be distributed at venues 1 hour before each performance.

The project was selected by the Lei Paulo Gustavo LPG SC 2023 Notice – executed with resources from the Federal Government and the Paulo Gustavo Cultural Emergency Law, through the Catarinense da Cultura Foundation.


In 'Palavra Percussiva', the creative investigation takes place through the sound stimulus of the spoken voice, the poetics of the texts and the rhythm of the declamation with its pauses and interpretations, giving rise to imagery.

“Along with the elements of sound aspects, the scenes proposed by the poems boost understanding and inspire the creative process”, comments Bicaco.

The members of Consonante Duo also highlight that the melodic compositions use the sound of the vibraphone (a musical instrument invented in the 20th century) to create environments that express sensations and illustrate situations, revealing places, faces, colors and impressions.

“Some conceptual and practical references support the creative process of this work, involving the various stages of the musical experience, from the formulation of ideas, instrumental practice (through improvisations), to the influence of notation and musical meanings, taking into account It takes into account sensory and cognitive aspects”, add the artists.

Duo Consonant

Since 2017, Consonante Duo has been working on putting together repertoires that explore the experimentation of the sound of the voice and percussive instruments in a harmonious way. Along this path, percussionist Marcio Bicaco was able to create original compositions stimulated by the sound of speech and the plot of poems and stories narrated by actress Lieza Neves. The duo thus offers an original mix, in presentations for adults and children, some of which have been awarded and selected in relevant notices and events in the State such as the Elisabete Anderle Prize (FCC), Baú de Histórias (Sesc SC), Aldir Blanc (FCC) , Cultural Marathon, Jazz Bebê Festival and Sunday with Theater (Florianópolis).


April 6 (Saturday)
19pm at Teatro Camarim (R. Profa. Antonieta de Barros, 976 – Canto – Florianópolis/SC)

April 10th (Wednesday)
19pm at Teatro Sesc Prainha (Tv. Sirático Atherino, 100 – Centro – Florianópolis/SC)
Free admission

  Start: 06/04/2024 19:00

  End: 10/04/2024 20:30

  Values: free admission.

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