Show “Who wants to marry Dona Baratinha?”

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Who wants to marry Dona Baratinha, who has a ribbon in her hair and money in her box? This popular tale, which narrates the adventure of Dona Baratinha, has an uncertain origin and the most varied versions, due to children's tales only beginning to arrive in Brazil at the beginning of the 19th century.

Our story tells the adventure of Dona Baratinha who, after finding a gold coin, right in front of her house, asks the Fofoqueiro Rabbit to inform all the residents of Bicholândia about her interest in getting married. Then the suitors appear: the opera singer, Galo Inácio; the industrialist, Porco Lino; and even the city's police chief, Cão Zarrão. However, the surprise is yet to come as, at the last minute, the cool and stylish João Ratão appears. But who will be the lucky one?

  Start: 07/07/2024 16:00

  End: 07/07/2024 18:00

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