“Virgínia” show, with Cláudia Abreu – 10th Florianópolis Cultural Marathon

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Actress Claudia Abreu presents the play “Virginia” as part of the program of the 10th Florianópolis Cultural Marathon.

"Virginia" is the result of the various crossings that Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) provoked in Cláudia Abreu throughout her career. The life and work of the English author are the driving forces behind the creation of this show, the result of a long process of research and experimentation that lasted more than five years. The first monologue of the actress' career, it also marks her debut in dramaturgy and the return of her partnership with Amir Haddad. 

On stage, the actress plays the brilliant English writer, whose career was marked by personal tragedies and a fine line between lucidity and madness. 

Cláudia's relationship with Virginia Woolf begins in "Orlando", a production written by Bia Lessa, in 1989. At the age of 18, she made initial contact with the writer of classics such as "Mrs Dalloway", "Ao Farol" and "As Ondas" . However, it was only in 2016, with the recommendation of a literature teacher, that the actress met again and dove headfirst into the author's universe. After reading and rereading some books, including memoirs, biographies and diaries, the desire to write about Virginia became stronger.

The dramaturgy was conceived as an intimate inventory of the author’s life. In her last moments, she recalls important events in her life, her passion for knowledge, her happy moments with her dear friends from the Bloomsbury intellectual group, as well as revealing her affections, pains and her creative process. The structure of the text is based on the most characteristic feature of the writer's literature: the alternation of streams of consciousness, capable of "giving body" to real or fictitious voices, always present in her mind.

 The shows at Teatro Ademir Rosa will have ticket distribution as follows:
- Half of the tickets will be made available the day before each show, starting at 10am, by issuing a voucher through the Sympla platform. This voucher can be exchanged for tickets directly at the CIC, on the day of the performance, between noon and 1:30 am before the start of the show. Each person is entitled to only one voucher.
- The other half of the tickets will only be distributed in person at the CIC, on the day of each show, one hour before the start of the session. This distribution will take place on a first-come, first-served basis and will also be limited to one voucher per person.
In all distributions, priority access will be respected.

More information on the event's official website

  Start: 22/03/2024 20:00

  End: 22/03/2024 21:30

  Values: free admission.

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