'Here comes Bonita!': clowning duo performs at Parque de Coqueiros

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The clowning duo Roda Riso, formed by Greice Miotello (clown Gretta) and Allan Ortega (clown Billy), concludes this Saturday, May 25th, the day of free performances of the street intervention “Lá comes a Bonita!” in Parque de Coqueiros, in Florianópolis/SC. The project, based in the city, traveled to nine other municipalities in Santa Catarina in the last two months aboard the motorhome affectionately nicknamed Bonita. Check out the complete information below.

“Here comes Bonita!” brings the public the possibility of meeting Gretta the clown and Billy the clown in a different way: on four wheels! In this intervention, the duo travels the streets of each city with their van/motorhome called Bonita - an adventure companion that has already taken them to different places in Brazil, reaching as far as the Northeast, and also in neighboring Uruguay and Argentina.

With the intervention “Lá comes a Bonita!”, the duo performed in April this year in the cities of Imaruí, São José do Cerrito, Monte Carlo and Lebon Régis. In May, the project also passed through São Joaquim, Canelinha, Monte Castelo, São Bento do Sul and Blumenau. “Our project is a different event in a common place”, says Allan Ortega. “In addition to the power of art to stimulate dreams and create fantasies, we also seek with our work to alleviate public stress through laughter and relaxation and to spread culture to a portion of the population that is not used to consuming circus art from clowning.”

The intervention “Here comes Bonita!” It is directed by Ricardo Puccetti, member of LUME Teatro (Campinas/SP) and one of the biggest references in the field of street clowning across the country.

Roda Riso por Santa Catarina is a project carried out through the Culture Incentive Program, the PIC, of ​​the Government of the State of Santa Catarina, approved by the Fundação Catarinense de Cultura. Roda Riso por Santa Catarina is supported by Condor.

  Start: 25/05/2024 16:30

  End: 25/05/2024 18:00

  Values: free admission.

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