Rock Opera Frankenstein with the participation of Camerata Florianópolis

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After having debuted in 2018 with enormous success, the rock opera Frankenstein, by composer Alberto Heller, returns to the CIC stage on the 10th, 11th and 12th of May. With a libretto adapted from the work of the same name by Mary Shelley (a book that celebrated two hundred years since its publication in 2018), Frankenstein sets out to rescue the tragic and existential dimension of the original – thus distancing itself from cinematographic adaptations. 

Even after two hundred years, the various themes that emerge and intertwine remain absolutely current and universal: the complex relationship between creator and creature, the ambiguities and conflicts of human nature, the meaning of existence (who we are, where we came from, where to let's go), the relativity of good and evil, the mystery of life and death, the difficulties faced with difference and otherness, the ethical limits in scientific research (a discussion that extends from cloning to artificial intelligence). A timeless, deep and moving fable.

The production of the rock opera Frankenstein in this edition is carried out by Maria Elita Produções and features the Camerata Florianópolis in symphonic formation, conducted by maestro Jeferson Della Rocca; the scenic direction is by Renato Turnes, the artistic direction is by Alberto Heller himself.

In the main roles, Alirio Netto (playing the Creature), Rodrigo “Gnomo” Matos (Victor Frankenstein), Carla Domingues (Elisabeth), Masami Ganev (Justine), Angelo Parisotto (Robert Walton), Daniel Galvão (Henry), Claudia Ondrusek (Agatha), Javier Venegas (De Lacey), Guilherme Albanaes (Prof. Krempe) and Irineu Antonio (Prof. Waldman) – in addition to the male choir and band.

This project is being made possible through the Culture Incentive Program (PIC), SC State Government, Fundação Catarinense de Cultura and encouragement from Fort Atacadista e Tirol.

  Start: 10/05/2024 20:00

  End: 10/05/2024 22:30

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