Agenda Urbana Festival celebrates art and female diversity in Florianópolis

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O Urban Agenda Festivalart celebrates female diversity in Florianópolis and officially takes place on March 10th, from 13pm until 20pm, at the Headquarters of the Carianos neighborhood, on Rua Vereador Osvaldo Bittencourt, in front of 332, in Praça da Panaia.

O event's audience "Graffiti Delas" was designed by women, for women and has a 100% female production that involves the protagonism and well-being of urban artists.

Furthermore, it emphasizes cultural plurality, gender diversity, female empowerment and talent in graffiti, as well as active community participation.

It is an event to open debates, to express artistically, to address crucial issues such as menstrual and mental health.

In addition, it also raises awareness about various issues, such as garbage.

The festival features an art and recycling workshop, as well as an exhibition of art made from waste, as well as artistic and cultural presentations that highlight cultural diversity and promote inclusion.

Furthermore, they will have workshops of graffiti, recycling activities to address creativity, as well as collaborative exhibitions and murals.

There will also be a disco, kids space, fair, panel painting, dance performance, pocket show, tag battle, as well as conversation circles.

The event will also include a haircut, massage and braiding. For more information, see (48) 98480-9937 or (48) 98859-6773.

  Start: 10/03/2024 13:00

  End: 10/03/2024 20:00

  Values: by number (48) 98480-9937

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