Saturdays with Art: mediated visit + practical activity

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The Instituto Collaço Paulo - Centro de Arte e Educação is part of the program of the 10 Years Cultural Marathon, one of the main multicultural events in Santa Catarina that takes place in Florianópolis between March 22nd and 24th. To this end, the Educational Center proposes Saturdays with Art, one of the programs developed by the institution that combines reflection, knowledge and creativity. On Saturday, the 23rd, from 14pm, interested parties can participate in a studio experience around the “Etérea” exhibition free of charge.

The art educators Joana Amarante and Marcello Carpes, after the mediated visit, propose in the Immersion Ateliê, playing around with some elements and themes present in the exhibition, such as the construction of scenes and draperies that consist of the way in which the clothes are represented by the artists , achieving plastic effects in colors and textures, in the pleats and trims that appear in paintings, sculptures, ceramics, etc.

With wooden mannequins, the proposal in the studio is to build the clothing, the folds, and think about the scenario as a small theatrical piece. The result will be through photography, using the participants' own cell phones. Aimed at the public aged seven and over, with limited places, participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Children under 14 must be accompanied by their guardians.

With support from the Industrial Social Service (Sesi), cultural support from Corporate Park, Ibagy and Paradigma Cine Arte, and sponsorship from Florianópolis City Hall through the Municipal Culture Incentive Law (donation modality), Fundação Cultural de Florianópolis Franklin Cascaes.

  Start: 23/03/2024 14:00

  End: 23/03/2024 16:00

  Values: free admission.

Photo used: Julia Heidmann / Disclosure.


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