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Is your notebook having problems? Don't worry! Lenovo support is here to help. With more than 21 years of experience in the market, we specialize in gaming notebooks with complete assistance services in our own laboratory with a highly qualified team, we are ready to solve any defect or problem that your device may have.

✅ Specialized Services We repair all types of defects in your Lenovo Notebook and other renowned brands. Our authorized Acer has the most specialized technicians with the necessary knowledge to solve the most complex problems. Some of the main services we offer include:

? Reparo ou troca da tela ? Reparo ou troca da placa mãe ? Reparo ou troca de conectores (HDMI, USB, Jack energia) ? Reparo ou troca de dobradiças e flat cable ? Limpeza e troca de pasta térmica ? Reparo ou troca de bateria ? Reparo ou troca de teclado ? Troca de HD/SSD ? Troca de Memória e/ou Upgrade de Memória ? Recuperação de Bios ou gravação/regravação ? Reparo ou troca do cooler ? Soldas BGA e troca de componentes eletrônicos SMD ? Reparo de carcaça e/ou troca ? Backup de dados ? Troca e/ou instalação de softwares ? Troca e/ou instalação de sistema operacional ? Formatação de sistema ? Remoção de vírus


? Service throughout Brazil

In addition to serving the Greater Florianópolis region, we also offer technical assistance to customers throughout Brazil. Please contact us and we will be ready to assist you in shipping your equipment.

? Our support contacts:
? Telefone: 48 32090772 - 0800 202 1100 – Fale com um Técnico no Whatsapp 48 991207500

? Websites:

Our technical assistance is able to deal with a wide variety of problems and defects that can arise in Notebooks. From board repairs and BGA soldering, to board washing and SMD component rework, we are equipped to handle the most complex technical challenges. In addition, we offer installation of operating systems with backup and softmode services, ensuring a complete and satisfactory experience.

? Artificial Intelligence technology in your favor!

To ensure fast and accurate service, we use the latest Artificial Intelligence technology in our problem resolution processes. Our experts are able to fix software, connectivity and hardware issues quickly and efficiently thanks to our advanced AI systems. That way, you can get back to playing as quickly as possible, without interruptions.

Discover the Differentials that earned Acer Technical Assistance Awards

✅ Changing screens in just 10 minutes, take advantage of this convenience with emphasis on the speed of the service, ensuring the perfect replacement of the screen.


✅ Own Laboratory - We have one of the best laboratories in Florianópolis, and we receive equipment from all over Brazil, we are equipped with cutting-edge technology to repair and maintain notebooks, ultrabooks, among others. Our technicians have expert knowledge in repairing SMD components, BGA and all types of boards, ensuring your equipment receives the best possible care.

✅ Service Guarantee - We value the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers. You can have peace of mind when you entrust your device to Acer technical support, knowing that we will do our best to resolve the issue and deliver excellent service.

✅ Specialized Team and Original Parts - Our technical team is highly qualified and is constantly updated with the latest trends and technological advances. We use genuine, high-quality parts for all repairs, ensuring your device runs like new again.

✅ Easy Payment and Fair Price - We understand the importance of offering flexible payment options. Therefore, we offer different payment methods to meet your needs.

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