Poet from Cape Verde and music therapist participate in cultural project approved via Law Paulo Gustavo D+

With the union of common cultural traits between the distant islands of Florianópolis and Cape Verde, the project "Intercultural Encounters: from the island of Cape Verde to Ilha da Magia" continues at Haôma Baixo Centro, in Florianópolis. On Saturday (11), the space will host a free workshop and a poetic performance open to the public.

From 17pm onwards, Haôma's doors will open for a special workshop taught by Barbara Trelha — writer, composer, voice researcher and music therapist. On the occasion, she will present simple and effective methods for teaching preschool children to music. This inclusive meeting is aimed at educators and anyone interested in children's musical development. 

But the cultural journey doesn’t stop there. At 20pm on the same day, the poet Ailton Moreira will delight the public with the event "Poetry, Language and Culture: a night of Cape Verdean charm". This exciting experience promises to immerse participants in the world of Cape Verdean poetry, providing performances and learning about poetic making, all permeated by the unique essence of Cape Verde, through music and poetry.

Both attractions will be adapted to ensure an inclusive experience for people with visual, hearing and intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Noise dampers and an attitudinal mediator will be available to provide comfort and accessibility to all participants.

The project will continue with weekly events throughout this month, all held at Haôma Baixo Centro. Tickets are free and can be booked via the website https://encurtador.com.br/aMNSW (lecture) and  https://encurtador.com.br/dwUX4 (show). For more information, interested parties can follow the profile @haoma Baixocentro on Instagram.

The initiative was approved via the Paulo Gustavo D+ Law and with the financial support of the Catarinense Culture Foundation (FCC). 

It is worth mentioning that Haôma Baixo Centro is located at Avenida Hercílio Luz, 455, in the center of Florianópolis. 


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