Panvision announces films selected for the 3rd FALA São Chico

The Panvision Cultural Association released the films selected for the third edition of the São Francisco do Sul Latin American Audiovisual Festival – Speak San Chico 2024. The Festival, which registered a record number of entries, with 467 films — 20% more than the previous year — will show 16 works at the Santa Catarina and Latin American Short Films. This year, the strong presence of socio-ecological themes in the works stands out, in addition to the participation of a new country in the Festival.

The list includes films from six countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Peru and Puerto Rico — a country that will, for the first time, have a film shown at FALA. Eight Brazilian states have at least one representative. And, from Santa Catarina, three works were selected, one of them from the Festival's home city: Felipe Schmidt School Group: A Place of Memories of São Francisco do Sul, directed by Alcides Goularti Filho.

The curatorship of the 3rd FALA São Chico was composed of Marilha Naccari, Marina Simioli and Spike Luu. According to the group, the selection was challenging given the quality of the films received. “We are always looking to understand the dialogue between the public and registered films. We have regional challenges, in addition to dialogue with documentaries for children and young people. As part of this joint construction, this year we will officially have a space for dialogue and questions at the end of the night sessions”, explains Marilha Naccari, programming director at Panvision.

At FALA 2024, the socio-ecological theme gains strength with films that portray deforestation, recycling, reuse, among other approaches. The selection also brings other political-social themes, with different views, from various locations; artistic and cultural expressions, from music to cuisine; and representations of characters and their jobs. The presence of women in the direction of works is also highlighted: 10 of the 16 selected films feature female directors.

“We received an incredible number of very good works, of high quality. The curatorial work is always a very enjoyable challenge, where we seek to align the objectives and specificities of the festival, the location, the public and the current context, while also seeking to experiment and provide new achievements and themes for spectators. The public who attends the festival will certainly have fun, be moved, reflect and will leave completely different from how they arrived to attend the session”, highlights audiovisual director and screenwriter Spike Luu.

Of the selected directors, seven make their debut. Five films will have their first screening at the 3rd FALA São Chico. Furthermore, three will be shown for the first time in Brazil and eight will debut in Santa Catarina.

The films that will be shown at the Children's and Young Adult Showcase and Closing Feature Films will be announced soon.

FALA São Chico 2024 is produced through the Culture Incentive Law and through the Culture Incentive Program - PIC, of ​​the Government of the State of Santa Catarina approved by the Catarinense Culture Foundation. It has a partnership with companies specializing in audiovisual DOT, Link Digital, Media MundusMistika and Naymovie. Institutional support from the Municipality of São Francisco do Sul and the Fundação Cultural Ilha de São Francisco and Associação Empresarial São Francisco do Sul. With sponsorship from Grupo Krona and Condor and support from Wana and Full Port. Organized by Panvision Cultural Association, Ministry of Culture, Federal Government, Union and Reconstruction.

Check out the complete list of films selected for FALA São Chico 2024 below:


Unless we dance, by Fernanda Pineda Palencia, Hanz Rippe Gabriel | Colombia, Bogotá, Quibdó/Chocó | 15 min | 2023 | Documentary

The Soundtrack of a Neighborhood, by Betinho Celane, Danilo Custódio | Brazil, Curitiba/PR | 13 min | 2023 | Documentary

Camilo and Lucia: Two Hearts of One Place, by Daniel Lobo | Brazil, Rio de Janeiro/RJ; Peru, El Carmen; Chincha/Ica | 13 min | 2023 | Documentary

After the Margin, by Rodrigo Guimarães | Brazil, Diamantina/MG | 13 min | 2024 | Documentary

Dos Años Sin Miguel, de Stefania Gozzer Arias, Enrico Guerreschi, Rafael Regalado, Vitor Colares | Brazil, Belo Horizonte/MG; Cuba, San Antonio de los Baños | 13 min | 2024 | Documentary

Essay for Memory, by Denise Chirich | Argentina, Buenos Aires | 12 min | 2023 | Documentary

Speaking of numbers, by Maria Clara Dinali | Brazil, Joinville/SC | 11 min | 2023 | Documentary

Felipe Schmidt School Group: a Place of Memories of São Francisco do Sul, by Alcides Goularti Filho | Brazil, São Francisco do Sul/SC | 15 min | 2024 | Documentary

Last line, by Valentina Peroni | Brazil, Porto Alegre/RS | 15 min | 2023 | Documentary

Marta: Umbrella Repairer, by Dannyel Leite | Brazil, Jacareí; Santa Branca/SP | 11 min | 2023 | Documentary

While All Iba Passing, by Sandra Rodríguez, Arón Núnez Curto | Peru, Lima | 14 min | 2024 | Documentary

Nectar of Time, by Pedro Rodrigues | Brazil, Waterfall; Vera Cruz/BA | 15 min | 2024 | Documentary

The Song, by Isa Magalhães, de Izabella Vitório | Brazil, Arapiraca/AL | 15 min | 2023 | Documentary

The Bottom of the Air is Grey, by Carol Magalhães | Brazil, Rio de Janeiro/RJ | 13 min | 2023 | Documentary

When Beautiful Polenta Grows, by Joana Victorino Deschamps | Brazil, Brusque; Nova Trento/SC | 5 min | 2023 | DocumentaryReplicas, by Natasha Julyanne | Puerto Rico, Guayanilla | 7 min | 2023 | Documentary


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