'Coroa': poet from Palhoça debuts videopoem in the Terça com Poesia project

The initiative aims to connect poets and readers from all parts of Santa Catarina

This Tuesday (7), the poet and composer Anderson Luís Jukowski, participated in the Terça com Poesia project, carried out by producer Criativa Catarina and developed by journalist and poet Francine Canto. The initiative aims to connect poets from Santa Catarina and readers from all regions through videos released weekly. Popularly known as Crown, Anderson is a resident of the Ponte do Imaruim neighborhood, in Palhoça. The publication marks the beginning of a new period for the writer.

For the third episode of the series, Coroa sent the video of the poem “Or sea”, which talks about the passion for beaches and the ocean. The production has instrumental music and audio recording with signatures by Yago Jukowski — who is the poet's son and known as “Yaju”, a member of the Palhocense band Yaju e os Hipertensos. The video poem is available at the link: www.instagram.com/p/C6rXY-3R1Ss.

Anderson Luís Jukowski is 51 years old and was not always an artist. He has Gaucho roots, but has lived in Palhoça for decades. He is a family man, nautical mechanic and has a long history in amateur football in Palhocense. However, with the torments and memories began to accumulate over the years.

It was on an ordinary afternoon that all this whirlwind of thoughts came to light at once. So, on impulse, he wrote his first poem: on a notepad, waiting for an appointment. The name of the poem: “Pano de Fundo”. It was November 2021 and everything changed for Anderson from then on.

At 48 years old, he incorporated a new way of seeing life. Adopting the stage name Coroa, he never stopped writing. Soon the poems began to come to life. Some of them became songs. Others were turned into videos. And the materials began to be published in mid-2022, on the @coroarap profile on Instagram.

This is how Anderson has dealt with life's issues: venting in verse form. And themes such as addictions, love, moments of solitude and the passion for nature are fuels that keep Coroa increasingly prolific.

In 2023, production intensified. In October, the artist released the rap “Falange de Ilusão”, the first in a series of singles that are being produced. Soon after, he started publishing series of original videos. Productions also include a live sessions recorded at the Octopus Sound Box studio, located in the center of Palhoça. In the same year, he participated in partnerships with the Palhocense collective A Bolha.

In 2024, Coroa continues working on new materials, as a partnership with writer Anderson Ribeiro and Projeto Semeadura — an initiative that aims to stimulate sociocultural productions from the north to the south of Brazil.

Furthermore, in March this year, a sequence of audiovisual productions called “Tales and Blood” appeared. The series of productions gave a new lease of life to Anderson's work. Coroa's recent initiatives take place in partnership with journalist and writer Willian Schütz.

About Creative Catarina

Created by Francine Canto, Criativa Catarina is a production company that integrates communication consultancy services, website creation, social media management, communication and creativity workshops and the management of the Conecta SC portal.

Tuesday with Poetry

According to the organization, “Terça com Poesia” is an initiative dedicated to celebrating and valuing Santa Catarina’s poetry. The objective of creating an inclusive platform where poets native to Santa Catarina and residents for at least 30 days can share their art and connect with a qualified audience. More information on how to participate can be found on the website: www.conectasc.com.br/tercacompoesia.


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