Fortune Dragon: PG Soft's new game is themed around Chinese New Year in 2024

The debut of the new game from Pocket Games Soft, Fortune Dragon, promises to shake up the world of online casinos with a unique gaming experience.

Released at an opportune time, on the eve of Chinese New Year, this title is a vibrant tribute to Eastern culture and traditions, promising players a mystical journey filled with luck and prosperity.

With a plot that involves the friendship between a villager and a dragon injured during the Chinese New Year festivities, Fortune Dragon stands out not only for its captivating narrative, but also for the game's characteristics.

Fortune Dragon is related to Chinese New Year in 2024

The narrative of the Fortune Dragon game intertwines with the Chinese New Year celebration, bringing to light the mythical figure of the dragon as a symbol of luck and prosperity.

The plot revolves around a villager who, during the festivities, finds and helps heal an injured dragon.

This dragon, in turn, reveals himself as a deity of fortune, inaugurating a tradition of prosperity and celebration in the village.

Developed with playful graphics and a modern, whimsical aesthetic, the game features a charmingly friendly dragon that enriches the gaming experience with a touch of uniqueness.

In Fortune Dragon, multipliers can reach 2.500x

Fortune Dragon is a 3-reel, 3-row online slot that offers a reel capable of multiplying bets by two, five or ten times.

However, randomly triggered bonuses can multiply the bet by up to 2.500 times, just like another game in the series, the famous fortune tiger.

When this is activated, players are rewarded with 8 spins with 2 or 3 multipliers each, increasing the chances of substantial wins.

The game also includes a feature that guarantees a win on every spin, except for bonus rounds, for a cost of 5 times the amount wagered.

Game is available at online casinos

Compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and HTML5 Web, Fortune Dragon is accessible to a wide range of players, allowing casino enthusiasts to enjoy the game from anywhere.

The game allows minimum bets of R$0,50 and maximum bets of R$600 and is available at online casinos, whose applications can be found on Google Play.

In 2021, Google expanded the availability of gambling apps in some countries, including the US, UK and Brazil, for users aged 18 and over.

Lotsa Slots, for example, was part of the Google Play Games Beta in Brazil in 2022, making it possible to play Android games on PC with keyboard and mouse control and synchronization through a Google account.

Fortune Dragon offers a balance between risk and reward, interesting for casino and Asian culture enthusiasts who want to try their luck in the Year of the Dragon, which begins this year on February 10, in the hope of reaping riches.

However, it is crucial to remember that, as with any casino game, winnings are uncertain and even unlikely. Therefore, if you are going to bet, be responsible.

Source: PG Soft.


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