Preparing for the Brasileirão Series B dispute, Chapecoense closes sponsorship with prediction platform

Photo: Tiago Meneghini/ACF

Seeking support for your campaign in Series B, Chapecoense has become yet another Tupiniquim football team to sign a sponsorship agreement with a betting platform. Apparently, BRBET will stamp its logo on the uniform of the team from Santa Catarina during the dispute of the state championship, Copa do Brasil and Série B of the Brasileirão.

The strategy adopted by the operator has been widely used by other companies in this market, which take advantage of the popularity of a national football team to publicize their brand and gain a certain credibility with the public. Since some companies in this sector also implement other measures to please their clientele, as is the case of betting sites that accept credit cards. These platforms realized that the use of credit cards is very popular among Brazilians, and in addition to accepting this payment alternative, they also offer a good variety of bonuses and promotions for users. In this way, from their first deposits, bettors are entitled to an extra balance and other facilities when making their predictions on the sporting events of their choice.

According to the Chapecó club, the brand of its new sponsor will be stamped on the shoulder blade of the team's uniform, but the company's logo will also be displayed on the signs of the club's training center, in posts on social networks and on backdrops during press conferences.

 “It is a source of great pride for us to be on the side of Chapecoense, an institution that conquered its space with great sports results in the last decade and that represents the west of Santa Catarina, an extremely important region of the country”, said Rafael Saling, executive of Saling Marketing , the company that manages BRBET in Brazil.

Defender celebrates his first goal for the club

Currently, the Chapecoense is in the vice-leadership of the 2023 Santa Catarina Championship, and in its last performance for the tournament, the team beat Marcílio Dias by 3x0. The defender and captain of the team, Maurício, was one of the players who scored in the game, this being the defender's first goal with the team's shirt. And in a recent press conference, the captain celebrated the goal scored a lot, stating that more important than the goal scored was the victory achieved, which brought the team even closer to the leadership of the tournament.

“I'm very happy with the goal, but the most important thing is the victory. I'm there for the defensive part, but when there's an opportunity you have to be prepared. A set-piece goal can define the game and Bruno Nazário has been providing great assists, his ball was very good”, said Maurício.

Maurício also highlighted the good defensive phase of the team so far, since in seven rounds of the tournament, they conceded only five goals. Justifying this defensive success, the defender pointed out that the whole team has been collaborating, as the attackers and midfielders put pressure on the opponents, making life easier for the defenders.

But while Maurício has already scored his first goal for Chapecoense, attacking midfielder Bruno Pivetti cannot hide his desire to score for the team. “I'm very calm, in this last game I had a chance to score at the very beginning of the game and the guy took it over the line. In the other game, I took a bike and it hit the crossbar. I think it will come out naturally. Me being right there, and helping Chapecoense, my goal will come naturally”

Like Maurício, Pavanni also highlighted the team's good phase in the state tournament, reporting that the squad has already evolved a lot compared to the beginning of the competition, and that all the players have been making an effort for Chapecoense to achieve good results this season and make the joy of from Santa Catarina who support them.


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