Haôma Baixo Centro is an alternative for multicultural events in downtown Florianópolis

The establishment aims to stimulate different forms of art; to set a date, just get in touch and check the conditions
Eclectic space in Florianópolis prioritizes cultural events and offers options for drinks and food - Photo credit: Arthur Paim

With the aim of stimulating the region's cultural scene, the Haôma Baixo Centro Bar is opening a public call for various events. Located on one of the main avenues in downtown Florianópolis, the establishment has an open calendar for local artists and groups to book their events. The conditions are flexible and the intention is to offer as many producers as possible.

Close to one of the busiest corners of Avenida Hercílio Luz, the Haôma Baixo Centro has a colorful decor, with graffiti in the external area, in addition to paintings and illustrations in the internal space. Downstairs is the bar — offering assorted drinks, hamburgers and snacks. Upstairs is a studio, available for bands wanting to rehearse — with equipment selected by subject matter experts. Next to the studio is a spacious hall with a stage, projection, sound table, lighting system and a secondary bar. 

Events must take place upstairs. To make an appointment, simply contact management and arrange the details. According to the owner, Fabrício Sfreddo, “scheduling is very flexible; when the artist or producer contacts us, we look for the alternatives and conditions that best meet the demand", describe.

Also according to the entrepreneur, the space is open to receive the most diverse types of events “after all, culture is very broad and deserves to be valued in our region”, adds Sfreddo. In this sense, Haôma Baixo Centro Bar will open dates for bands, singers, DJs, poets, collectives, artists and theater groups, production companies, among other possibilities.

How to schedule a date

To book an event at Haôma Baixo Centro Bar, just contact us via WhatsApp, sending a message to the number (48) 3364-6086. All ideas are welcome and the service will be done by Fabrício himself. By the same number it is also possible to check appointments at the studio. 

Additional information can be followed on the profile @haomabaixacentro on Instagram. It is also worth mentioning that Haôma Baixo Centro is located at Avenida Hercílio Luz, number 455 — right in the center of Florianópolis.


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