Trick to make money at Aviator?

Firstly, what is the Aviator? Can you make money like this game? Is it safe?

These are some of the questions we will answer in this quick and practical post.

At the end of this article, you will have in mind what the main advantages of the little plane game are and whether it is really worth playing.

Aviator Little Plane Game

What is Aviator?

Aviator is a casino game where the key element is the plane itself.

In this game, there is a plane that rises across the screen at the same time as a multiplier increases as the plane rises.

Every player's goal is to place a bet on how high this plane will rise, and request the withdrawal of the bet at the exact moment.

This needs to happen before the plane flies with your bet.

If you don't cash your bet before the plane takes off with it, your money goes down the drain and the prize goes with it. 

In fact, many people have doubts about What is the best time to play Aviator?, and we found that the best time is at night, between 19pm and 00pm.

This is the period where there are the most online players in the game.

The more players, the more money coming in, and therefore, the greater your chances of making a profit.

But as the game boils down to waiting for the plane to rise and withdrawing your bet at the right time, it ends up being very simple and random.

In other words, there is no 100% sure strategy to win 100% of the time.

Which casino should you play Aviator at?

When we talk about online games, we have to choose carefully where to play.

Finding a safe and reliable casino will make your experience much more fun, especially because you will be at less risk of losing money.

Therefore, I will show you the top best online casinos to play Aviator and many other online games.

You can find this ranking yourself on the website

According to him, the top 3 best online casinos are:

  1. pikebit - 200 free spins
  2. Pin-Up Casino - R$500 bonus
  3. fairspin - Bank slip available

The most experienced players we interviewed said that in addition to playing at these casinos, they invest in tricks to win at the little plane game.

One of these tricks is cash-out.

How does this "cash-out" thing work?

The Cash Out maneuver is by far the best of all. 

In this trick, the player serves his shot automatically.

In other words, instead of you choosing when to withdraw, the game does it for you.

You guarantee that you will withdraw at the exact moment, reducing the risk of losing your bet as you may end up getting the timing wrong and withdrawing too early or too late.

How to use the Cash Out technique in Aviator?

Just follow the following steps to use the cash out trick in the little plane game:

  • First, join the little plane game via the website or cell phone
  • Then, make your best bet. 
  • Then press the "Auto Cash Out" button to automate the process. It is next to the "Place Bet" button.
  • Finally, enter the multiplier you expect and confirm your bet.

Ready! Now your withdrawal is automatic! Your money will be withdrawn every time the multiplier hits the number you chose.

The 80/20 of the little plane game

Cash out is indeed the safest strategy to generate profit at Aviator, but we have not discovered that it is not the only one.

These two tricks below will be useful to withdraw your bet:

  • First: Double Bet
  • Second: Bankroll management.

Double betting is nothing more than placing two bets on the game at the same time. 

The first bet must be 5% of the safe, and the second 0,5% with a variation of 100.

The longer the flight time, the more money you earn.

If the plane flies for 5 minutes, for example, your prize will be higher.

Now, bankroll management is nothing more than setting a maximum loss and gain limit.

If you only have a hundred reais to lose, bet only R$100 and nothing more, because that's what you can lose.

This applies to all gambling games, not just Aviator, because it will help you avoid losing money.

What are the advantages of games like Aviator?

It is undeniable that online games like the little plane game are on the rise recently.

This is mainly due to the advantages of these games, such as:

  • Comfort
  • Bonus
  • Free Spins

Most of these games like Aviator can be easily played on your cell phone, on the couch at home.

It's an opportunity to earn extra income directly from home.

Not to mention that they have outstanding bonuses, such as the chance to start playing with a balance, meaning there's no excuse not to play!

And to top it off, the free spins are even more interesting, as you can play without spending anything, something that doesn't exist in a physical casino.

Conclusion - is it really possible to win at the Aviator game?

Well, to be honest, our team did very thorough research to answer this question.

It took many different tests, as well as collecting the opinions of experienced players to make a true analysis.

And the truth is that the little plane game doesn't have much juggling.

It's a relatively easy game, because the only thing that matters is betting on the plane's flight and being quick to press your serve at the right time.

The two techniques we explain here today, auto cash out and double bet, will help you win the game.

This is a fact since they work following the logic of the game.

And finally, the bankroll management tip is the technique that will make your bet safer and bring balance to your game.

Therefore, our team concluded that yes, it is possible to win in the little plane game. 

As long as you apply the strategies detailed in this post and make sure they are done intelligently.


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