4 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers

For those looking to grow on YouTube and use it for work, it is crucial to gain Subscribers (subscribers). After all, for channels to receive monetization, they must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watched. Basically, if you don't accumulate YouTube Subscribers, there will be no way to grow on the platform.

To accelerate the growth of your channel, you can buy subscribers, which will make your videos reach more people. However, you need to make the purchase correctly, otherwise your channel could be banned from the platform.

With that in mind, this text will show four reliable sites to buy YouTube Subscribers. This way, it will be possible to increase your number of followers without breaking the platform's rules. Next, see the 4 best sites for buy YouTube Subscribers.

How to make your YouTube channel grow faster?

For purchasing Subscribers to grow your channel, it is crucial that the subscribers purchased are real people. Additionally, for the purchase to work, these new Subscribers must watch, like and share your content. Without this engagement, the YouTube algorithm will view your page growth as artificial and remove your new subscribers.

Therefore, it is crucial that the website linked to the purchase really brings engagement to your videos, as this is what will make your channel grow. Furthermore, to avoid future problems with the purchase of Subscribers, it is necessary to analyze the following points:

  1. Are purchased subscribers real people or bots?
  2. Are the registrants really from Brazil?
  3. After completing the purchase, how long will it take for subscribers to reach my channel?
  4. Is it safe to buy Subscribers on this site?
  5. Can YouTube take down my channel if I buy Subscribers from this site?
  6. If there is a problem with the purchase, does the site offer a SAC so I can answer my questions?
  7. Is the website's customer service handled by human agents or by bots?

Thinking about the topics above, this text will show four safe sites for purchasing real YouTube Subscribers. This way, you will be able to expand your channel without violating the platform's guidelines.

1) SeguidoresBrasil.org

With Seguidores Brasil, it is possible buy real YouTube subscribers quickly. In fact, the site promises to increase your page followers on the same day, however, gradually. This means that the YouTube algorithm will not interpret this purchase as violating its guidelines.

To improve, Seguidores Brasil offers low prices, which makes purchasing its packages completely affordable. Furthermore, Seguidores Brasil does not require a password for your YouTube channel, which makes the purchase safe and reliable.

Finally, as Seguidores Brasil's SAC operates 24 hours a day, you can contact them at any part of the day. In other words, SeguidoresBrasil.org is available to its customers at any time. Regarding payment methods, the site accepts bank slips, Pix and credit cards.

2) Followerzoid

O Followerzoid offers a very simple process for purchasing subscribers. To begin with, the platform's chat works during business hours and its service is of excellent quality. Furthermore, as followers are added gradually, the YouTube algorithm will not see the purchase as suspicious.

Regarding payment methods, Followerzoid accepts PayPal and credit cards. Furthermore, you can request a refund if the registrations do not reach your account. To buy Brazilian subscribers on YouTube, Followerzoid is a great choice. After all, even with more expensive prices, the quality of the service justifies the amount paid.

3) FameSavvy

O FameSavvy makes the life of any YouTuber simpler, as it makes the process of buying YouTube Subscribers much easier. Since the packages on this site are affordable, any creator on a budget can use the service.

With FameSavvy packages, your new Subscribers will be real people and not robots. With this, your channel will not be punished by YouTube, as the platform will understand that your growth was organic and not artificial.

To improve, FameSavvy accepts credit/debit cards and bank slips as payment methods and its SAC operates 24 hours a day. For those looking for a safe and reliable website to buy Brazilian followers on YouTube, this is an excellent option.

4) Givesfollowers

O Givesfollowers It is one of the best options on the market. Firstly, it offers 100% real followers and its SAC works 24 hours a day. Furthermore, as followers will be added gradually, the algorithm will understand that the channel's growth was organic, not some breach of guidelines.

It is worth remembering that, to purchase Givesfollowers services, you must have accounts in virtual wallets such as PayPal or Payoneer. Unfortunately, as the site is not Brazilian, our currency is not accepted, which will require a conversion to dollars.

Finally, the site guarantees refunds if new subscribers do not arrive on the channel within 30 days. Because it is simple, efficient and completely safe, Givesfollowers is one of the best sites to buy YouTube Subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes someone buy subscribers for their YouTube channel?

For a YouTube channel to be successful, it needs three things: engagement, popularity and exposure. However, for this to happen quickly, the channel must accumulate a large number of subscribers, which can take time. Because of this, buying followers becomes a good resource, as it accelerates the growth of the page.

Does buying subscribers make the channel grow?

Generally, buying subscribers contributes to channel growth. After all, after gaining more subscribers, the channel tends to gain more popularity, views and engagement. However, for all this to happen, new subscribers must participate in the videos through likes, shares and comments. This way, the channel will become respected in its niche.

Is the YouTube algorithm affected by buying subscribers?

Buying followers makes the algorithm know and, in a way, respect your YouTube channel. Typically, after realizing that your videos have had more views and likes, the algorithm tends to recommend them to more people. However, for this maneuver to work, buying followers must be done correctly.

Does the YouTube algorithm devalue small channels?

Unfortunately, the YouTube algorithm doesn't boost beginner channels. In fact, for those just starting out, gaining subscribers and views is quite complicated, as the algorithm prioritizes larger channels (above 50 thousand followers). However, buying subscribers changes this scenario, as it makes the algorithm notice your channel due to sudden growth.

Can buying Subscribers help my channel?

Yes, buying Subscribers can help your channel. By gaining new followers, your channel will have more engagement, which will make the algorithm show your videos to more people. In short, the more people follow your videos, the more popular your channel will be.

Will my purchase of Subscribers be exposed to the public?

All sites shown in this text are completely discreet. In other words, none of them will ask for passwords or crucial information from your channel. Furthermore, everyone guarantees discretion and confidentiality in their Terms of Service. In short, when purchasing subscribers on any of the sites in this text, your image will be protected.

How to buy a thousand YouTube Subscribers?

To buy a thousand Subscribers for your YouTube channel, simply access one of the websites shown in this text and choose the package that offers 1000 subscribers.


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