The most famous beaches in Florianópolis

Florianópolis is called by Brazilians the “Island of Magic” and this nickname is more than fair, after all, the capital of Santa Catarina is a paradisiacal and incredible destination.

And being a city that has part of its territory on an island, Floripa is full of beaches, one more charming than the other.

Here we will show you which are the hottest and most famous beaches in Florianópolis SC, if you are thinking about traveling there.

You will discover how Florianópolis has a beach for all tastes and it is not difficult to find an option that suits yours. Enjoy and play Sweet Bonanza at SlotsUp when you're sunbathing!

Canasvieiras beach

One of the most famous beaches in Florianópolis Santa Catarina is Canasvieiras beach, close to Jurerê and in the northern part of the island.

This beach is very popular due to its calmer waters and also because it offers a complete infrastructure around it, which is reminiscent of a mini city within the capital.

During high season, this beach is usually the main destination for tourists from countries that border Brazil, such as Argentines and Uruguayans.

It's no surprise that many of the establishments have a bilingual service to better serve their customers (in addition to the good old “portunhol”).

This beach still has waters with very gentle waves and a shallow sea, which is why it is popular among families traveling with children.

Jurerê Internacional beach

It would be impossible to talk about the main places in Florianópolis beach without mentioning the Jurerê beach International on the list.

This beach is known here and abroad as the “Brazilian Miami”, which is why it attracts tourists from all over.

You will find several parties there, beach clubs, famous restaurants, in other words, everything for those who want a lot of fun.

Jurerê Internacional is the destination for the rich and famous in the country and abroad, being a beach with a narrower strip of sand and calm waters, as well as natural pools that form there.

Barra da Lagoa Beach

Barra da Lagoa beach is very famous for its traditional part and at the same time it is considered one of the most recommended beaches in Florianópolis for tourists.

It is close to the famous Lagoa da Conceição, has a small center that is very active and has various types of commerce, ideal for those who want leisure and good cuisine.

The beaches in Florianópolis in Barra have fine white sand, and the sea has waves that are initially more agitated, but which gradually decrease in intensity due to the Barra Channel and its current.

Lagoinha beach

Lagoinha Beach is another recommended beach in Florianópolis, ideal for those going with children.

This beach in Florianópolis has a calmer sea, a wider strip of sand than many others, as well as more nature and fewer people.

It is located around 35 km from the central part of Floripa, so it is recommended for those who want to be further away from the action.

soft beach

If you want a tourist option that is closer to the center of the capital, the golden tip is Mole Beach.

Even though it is located in the central part of Florianópolis, it recreates a very tropical and wilder setting thanks to its golden sand and lots of greenery around it.

Be aware that Praia Mole is not recommended for those who want calm, as more and more lounges are gaining strength in this region of the city.

Other than that, keep in mind that there is some traffic to get to this beach, but it is worth it, especially considering that it is close to other beaches in Florianópolis, such as Barra da Lagoa.

If you are looking for a place to surf, then this Florianópolis beach is the right address for it!

Forte beach

Those who travel to Floripa with the intention of having peace and tranquility will really enjoy Praia do Forte.

This beach in Florianópolis is in the north of the capital and has warm waters, not to mention its beautiful landscapes and little movement.

It is possible to enjoy in peace a landscape that is also made up of local fishermen's boats, as well as clean water and a mangrove forest nearby.

Joaquina Beach

The famous Joaca is a beach in Florianópolis that is also ideal for surfers and tends to have a much younger crowd, so it's our tip if you want to venture out.

Surfing championships, both national and international, have already taken place on this beach.

Joaquina beach also features sand dunes that are on the list of the best in the southern part of Brazil.

There, you can opt for the so-called “sandboard”, or sand surfing, an interesting activity for those who don't want to go into the sea.

Ingleses Beach

To conclude the most popular Florianópolis beaches, we cannot leave out Praia dos Ingleses.

It is famous because of its movement throughout the year, mainly due to the infrastructure around it, such as restaurants and bars, beach huts and even shopping malls.

This beach also usually offers a bilingual service, as it is very popular with international tourists, as well as being another famous spot for surfers in the capital.

With all these options we show you, choose your favorite beach, have fun playing Pragmatic Play slots here and enjoy the beautiful view!


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