How to improve your CS2 game performance with gamer platform?

Cybersports are becoming increasingly popular among thrill-seekers.

One of the most popular competitive games in the world is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), in which millions of players fight for dominance on the virtual battlefield. To become a successful CS:GO player, you need to master a wide range of skills, from aiming and movement to strategy and game sense. While practice is necessary, it is not always enough to take your game to the next level.

Not long ago, a new online platform for CS2 players, Profilerr, authored by eZstah. In this article, we'll look at how it can help users learn from the pros and improve their CS2 game.

One of's key features is its focus on the professional CS2 scene. The platform offers comprehensive information about CS2 teams, players, and professional scenes, as well as gameplay analysis and insights. By studying the strategies and tactics of the world's best players, users will gain a deeper understanding of the game and improve their own skills.

CS2 is a game of precision and accuracy, and the right settings can make all the difference. Profilerr offers an extensive database of professional gamer settings, allowing users to compare and contrast different settings to find the perfect setup for their own playing style. The player can also use the platform's scope generator to create their own scope based on their preferred style and settings. The main sections are:

  1. CS2 matches.
  2. CS2 Pro Teams.
  3. CS2 Pro players.
  4. CS2 Pro Settings.
  5. Vision generator.
  6. Steam ID Finder.
  7. Inventory cost.
  8. Statistics.

If we talk in detail about each section, we can see this:

  • The CS2 Matches section provides a detailed description of Counter Strike 2 game matches. Users can track their results, analyze their opponents and compare their statistics with those of other players. Information about past matches in the United States and around the world can be found here, including participating teams, maps played, kills and assists, game results, and more. The site also offers statistics and graphs that display total kills and assists, kills per round, aiming accuracy, and other metrics. Additionally, users can watch match replays and explore leaderboards featuring the world's best players.
  • As the name of the Pro Teams section says, this page provides information about professional Counter-Strike 2 teams. Here you can easily find reviews of the best teams, their lineups, game statistics and the latest news. Additionally, you can find each team's history, their path to success, links to official websites and social media accounts. Match videos and player interviews will give you a better understanding of their playing style. You can also learn more about each team's achievements and performance in tournaments, get general information about the game and a list of upcoming competitions.

The top 10 teams are represented by the following leaders.

numberTeam nameClassificationwin rateBest map
3.Vitality64263%The Mirage,
5.G246565%The Mirage,
6.Natus Vincere41977%Vertigo
  • The Pro Players page features an extensive catalog of professional cs:go players from around the world. Each profile contains a detailed description of the player, statistics, achievements and more. The list is sorted by player skill level and is divided into different categories for easy navigation. You can find links to players' streams and their social media accounts. A search bar is available to quickly find the right player.

The top 5 players include:

  1. Mathieu Herbaut, under the pseudonym ZywOo, headshots-33%, ADR - 85,05, K/D - 1,38.
  2. Aleksandr Kostyliev, under the pseudonym s1mple, headshots-34%, ADR - 85,2, K/D - 1,38.
  3. Dmitry Sokolov, under the nickname sh1ro, 22% headshots, ADR 78,12, K/D -1,45.
  4. Denis Zhukov, under the nickname deko, 30% headshots, ADR-80.22, K/D-1.35.
  5. Ilya Osipov, under the nickname m0NESY, 30% headshots, ADR-79.42, K/D-1.32.

This list is constantly changing as new leaders emerge.

  • The Settings section provides a complete list of professional players and their individual settings for the popular game Counter-Strike 2. The page is divided into several sections, each focusing on a different aspect of the professional player's settings. The first section, "General Settings", is an overview of various aspects of player settings, such as in-game sensitivity, aim, resolution, and other aspects. The second section, "Graphics Settings," provides detailed information about the game's graphics settings, including a list of settings and their functionality. The third section, "Sound Settings," provides information about the game's sounds and music. The fourth section, "Game Settings," provides a description of the game's various options, game modes, and game mechanics. Finally, the fifth section, "Performance Settings," discusses optimization techniques and settings to improve game performance. All of these sections contain valuable information about professional gamer settings.

For example, Simpl's graphics settings are as follows:

  • Player contrast increase - OFF.
  • Vertical Sync - OFF.
  • Anti-aliasing mode - 8x MSAA.
  • Overall shadow quality - HIGH.
  • Model and texture details - LOW.
  • Texture filtering mode - BILINEAR.
  • Shader Granularity - LOW.
  • Particle granularity - LOW.
  • Global shading - MEDIUM.
  • Extended dynamic range - QUALITY.
  • Super-resolution Flexibility FX - OFF (HIGH QUALITY).
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - OFF.

Other parameters are also presented here.

  • The crosshair generator section offers a tool to create custom crosshairs for the popular game Counter-Strike 2. The user has the option to choose one of the ready-made designs or customize their own crosshairs by defining colors, sizes, shapes and spacing. After the creation process is complete, the crosshair can be saved and used in the game. Samples of other custom scopes are also available on the page for inspiration and tips on how to create the perfect scope.
  • The Steam ID Finder section is for searching and confirming user ID in the Steam community. It is used to communicate with friends, view and modify game information, access leaderboards, and participate in tournaments. Steam ID makes it easy to discover your community name and game activity details, and offers protection with Steam Guard. Users can view and share profile information, participate in tournaments, compare scores, and customize game profiles. A large library of game guides, tips and tricks makes Steam ID ideal for online gaming.
  • In the inventory value section, players can discover their account's key statistics, including the total value of all items. Inventory checking provides accurate information about the number of items and their value. Users can find out the price of the most expensive item in their inventory, the number of items that cost more than $1.000, or even the prices of other players' items. It's important to note that skin prices on Steam depend on several factors such as usage rate, rarity, stat availability, and collection. Prices are updated regularly, providing users with up-to-date information to make decisions on how to improve their profile.
  • There is a statistics section where players can see their game results such as k/d ratio, aim, ratings and get tips on how to improve gameplay. In competitive mode, you can view map and match statistics, and to calibrate, you need to win 10 games on a map to get a rank - from Silver I to other ranks. 


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