Why is Law 14.790 making such a fuss?

Recently, Law 14.790, which was approved by the Brazilian Justice Commission, raised some questions after passing through the Chamber of Deputies and proceeding to the Senate for approval. This is because the law provides for the legalization of sports betting, casino games and even Jogo do Bicho in Brazil, allowing platforms in the segment to obtain a Brazilian license, operate legally in the country and even set up gaming-oriented ventures, such as resorts and hotels. .

Because it has a long and complex relationship with games in Brazil, especially Jogo do Bicho, part of the opposing panel, as well as the general public, complained about the measure and claimed to be against it. To understand a little more about the factor, we asked Casino Rank's casino expert, Jacob Mitchell. Understand a little more in this guide.

Approval of casinos in Brazil

Just as it has good casino sites in Argentina, in Brazil it is now possible to find good sites for users in the country to enjoy the segment. However, these platforms are foreign, that is, they are not controlled or approved based on Brazilian legislation. Which brings a series of losses to the country, as expert Jacob Mitchell explains: "Brazil currently does not prohibit platforms and betting houses from operating in the country, as long as they are licensed and process payment in another country, this brings a loss huge for the country, as it is failing to collect taxes, cannot supervise the platforms because they do not act based on its legislation, and still has to deal with its citizens who suffer any type of scam."

The factors listed by the expert are some of which the project rapporteur used to create it and submit it for approval. For the rapporteur, it doesn't make much sense that the country doesn't ban the activity, but, at the same time, is losing millions of reais in revenue. The argument was shared with half of the voting panel, as the project when it passed through Chamber of Deputies had 14 votes in favor and 12 against. Some of those present shared the same opinion as the rapporteur and claimed that Brazil could use this money and allocate it to education, health, security and others.

The project met resistance from the opposition, mainly due to the fact that it was an influence on gambling, causing ludopathy, an addiction to gambling. However, specialist Jacob Mitchell clarifies: "by authorizing the operation of platforms and obliging companies to act in accordance with Brazilian legislation, it does not mean that the Federal government is encouraging the use of the systems, but rather it is bringing more security and clarity to the companies' actions, as they will now be the supervisory body, being able to investigate whether there is fraud or manipulation in any of the games on the platforms. The fact is that currently there is a huge gray area, which is taken advantage of by foreign companies, and players continue playing, some develop problems, others don't. But it is not the approval of a law that will determine this."

What benefits can come from the approval of the law?

The expert's opinion is shared by the bench, as well as, as part of the legislation. Furthermore, many businesspeople are paying attention to changes to begin construction and preparations for investments in the sector, which can bring an excellent bargain for Brazil, increasing not only tax collection, but also the creation of jobs in various sectors. These were some of the benefits that the government observed, as well as the Justice Committee to approve the rapporteur's request and forward the legislation for voting.


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