Papete sandals: A sandal that can compose several looks 

Papete sandals are one of the most comfortable options and the best choice for those who want to avoid frequent use of flip-flops, which despite being very comfortable, may not be that beautiful and are often prohibited for use in some of our activities or chores. , like going to work for example.

They appeared a long time ago, and until they became a rage and became popular, many steps needed to be taken, without any exaggeration.

If you don't already know, these types of sandals date back a long time, they have ancient origins, they have always caused a lot of controversy and a lot of divergence until they became the favorite of most of the best to compose their looks, bringing in addition to comfort which is one of the main focus when dressing, they also brought elegance and sophistication.

It is clear that over time they evolved until we reached schutz papete sandal which are a hit on the way they go and obviously never go unnoticed.

The paper sandals of yesteryear and today

As we mentioned previously, these sandals are very old and historically had a flat sole and straps. In the 90s, when there was a boom in the use of this type of sandal, they all had velcro straps, for example. Even today you can find sandals with this same presentation, now in various colors, before they were more common in black and brown. One of the inspirations for the creation of papete sandals were the famous gladiator sandals, which also had a flat sole and had straps that intertwined across the legs until they were tied. 

Nowadays, papetes have softer soles and straps made from different materials.  

Schurtz paper sandals

In addition to being very comfortable and stylish, this type of sandals has gained a lot of technology over time in its creation and its current models use and abuse this. Currently not very anatomical, fitting well on any type of foot and made from different types of materials, from the sole to the straps, which can appear decorated in several different proposals.

There are so many models that it is difficult to know which paper model is the most sold.

Just to name some of the best sellers we have: Schutz Papete Leather Sandal, Schutz Flat Flats With X-Straps, Schutz Pedraria Papete Sandal and the Schutz Brilho Black Strips Papete Sandal, as well as many others.

The truth is that whichever Schutz brand sandal you choose, the choice will be the best.

Two ways to combine your papete

Pair it with a long denim skirt

You can have a cool look by combining your papete with a long denim skirt. For this look, you can leave all the attention to your feet and legs and opt for basic, short-sleeved or tank top shirts. All the best for warmer days and besides, you're ready to go out really quickly.

Wear it with a vest 

Have you ever worn your papete with any tailoring piece? If not, go for it, these pieces are another super combination that you need to have in your wardrobe. For mid-season or even summer. For this, it is obvious to choose sleeveless and loose vests, you will certainly be comfortable and stylish.


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