Digital gaming trends that don’t go out of style

Older people will remember the time when companies developing digital games determined what technology would support their releases. It was necessary to purchase a physical support and a console or computer to access the game content.

Today, game development companies no longer hold this power. Every decision is made based on the consumption patterns of its user base. Knowing this, discover trends that haven't gone out of fashion for some time in digital games and understand how you can benefit from them on platforms like Green casino.

A little about market trends

Year after year, market trends change. Whether because the consumer demographic has changed or due to the insertion of new technologies that, when integrated into a product, will change the game. In this article, we will not talk about this type of trend. We will address macrotrends. Those that don't change 1% of something, but the entire panorama of the industry in which they operate.

So that you understand what I want to say, I will cite an example from the automobile industry. Year after year, new technologies are added to new models, such as touch screens or automatic gearshifts.

However, pressure from the general public for alternatives to the combustion engine has revolutionized the entire industry: opting for electric cars is a global trend, which began in the early 2010s and is unlikely to change. I will talk about this type of change for the digital games industry below, also listing how you can take advantage of each of them. Let's go.

Digital Games Macrotrends

Focus on mobile devices

Each and every game developer has realized that being where your audience is yields more net revenue than asking them to buy your game and a device to run it. In search of their share of the treasure, large digital games companies are choosing to abandon or readapt large Intellectual Properties for small screens.

The most famous example of this movement is Pokemon Go, famous worldwide for its anime and portable console games, which was transferred to Niantic, which created an immersive experience using cell phones. You can take advantage of this trend to abandon spending on a gaming-only device, focusing on one more function on your cell phone: being your new console.

"Freemium" or "Free-To-Play" Model

In their desire to facilitate access to their games, mobile game developers choose not to charge for their games. They just distribute them in an official store and allow players to access them for free… as long as they allow ads within the game.

This move is very beneficial for both. Companies receive a fixed income every month from ads and users can have fun for free. Of course, this model only works for games aimed at entertainment, like the famous Candy Crush.

Another way to earn money from your releases is to sell packs of lives, coins or even cosmetic parts within the game. This type of income is very common, but also very controversial, as users often believe that whoever pays may have a better chance of winning.

You can take advantage of this trend by stopping spending on digital games and embarking on free games. Although ads bother some people, they end up becoming a habit. And believe me: you won't want to buy anything after watching the same advertisement 10 times.

Games where you can win real money

With the rise of online casinos, many people have abandoned games that only offer the opportunity for entertainment. They seek to make the most of their time, without necessarily working. This trend made online slot machines (such as Fortune Tiger, also known as Jogo do Tigrinho) and Crash games (such as JetX or Aviator) popular in Brazil.

The two trends I mentioned above follow: they are developed for mobile devices and can also be accessed for free in their demo versions. Despite this, in order to make money you will need to invest a little too.

Cross-platform casino games

In the physical world, slot machines with progressive jackpots are extremely common. They are interconnected in a network and each bet placed yields additional value for these prizes. In addition to each bet increasing the jackpot value, it is possible for a player to take home this prize after betting on any of the machines.

Based on this concept, online casino game developers started to invest in this type of collaborative networks. The same slot machine can be available at countless online casinos and collect a small fraction of every bet made there to create a unique jackpot, provided by the company that created the game. This increases the chances of players taking home a bigger prize, without necessarily winning inside the slot machine. Take advantage of this type of mechanic and earn more with the same amount of money.


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