An Introduction to Air Transport Services Around the World

An air ambulance is a medical aircraft specially designed and equipped with medical equipment to facilitate the transfer of sick and injured individuals, as well as to accommodate medical personnel accompanying them from one location to another over medium to long distances, often across countries. and continents.

Air ambulance services overview: What types of medical transportation options are available for transferring patients around the world?

Air ambulance planes

O development of international air transport, also known as fixed-wing air ambulances, are air ambulances that require designated airports and landing strips to take off and land. 

Some are also preferred for medium to long-distance flights internationally and nationally, across borders or between continents, as they can be crossed in shorter periods of time. 

Air ambulance planes are equipped to a similar level as intensive care wards (ICU) and, with an experienced doctor on board, are capable of transferring most intensive care patients.

Air Ambulance Helicopters

An ambulance helicopter, also known as a rotary-wing air ambulance, is powered by large rotating blades positioned above the aircraft to provide lift, which gives it the ability to take off and land vertically. 

In most cases, it is possible to transport intensive care patients as they also provide the benefit of direct transport from hospital to hospital (in some cases even between countries), eliminating the need for more time-consuming ground transport upon arrival at the destination . However, it should be noted that they are only ideal for short distances, such as flying from one destination to another within the same country.

Regular commercial flights

Scheduled commercial flights are flights on scheduled commercial airlines in which the patient is accompanied by a doctor or paramedic, and may be transported in a business class seat or lying on a stretcher, depending on their condition. 

In cases where a stretcher is considered necessary, it will be specially installed in the cabin for that flight only, for the purpose of transporting the patient in question. A privacy curtain is installed to protect the patient's privacy. 

Scheduled commercial flights are the cheapest air ambulance options. In addition, family members can receive regular seats next to the patient and thus travel with the patient as companions.

Ground Ambulances

For shorter distances, typically from one hospital to another, ground ambulances are the preferred choice. 

They come readily equipped with medical equipment that can be adapted to the patient's needs, as well as accompanying medical personnel on board to facilitate patient transfer. 

However, ground ambulances, many of which can be rented through the ambulance removal service are subject to a series of unforeseen risk factors, such as traffic delays and road accidents, which can put the patient's condition at risk, especially when traveling across the country.

However, each flight is tailored to meet patients' unique needs. As a result, There are different types of ambulances, as we can purchase extra equipment, depending on the patient's pre-existing medical condition, to maximize their safety and well-being throughout the flight.


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