Exhibition 'Poetic Roots' at the Badesc Cultural Foundation 

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Selected in the 2024 Notice, the Raízes Poéticas exhibition opens the exhibition calendar at Espaço Fernando Beck at Fundação Cultural BADESC, in Florianópolis. The opening of the collective exhibition, which brings together works by 13 artists, will be on Thursday, March 7th, starting at 19pm. Entry is free.

The exhibition is new and consists of drawings, engravings, photographs, objects, artist's books, installations and hybrid techniques that mainly address relationships between art and nature. All 17 works arose from proposals made since 2021 by the study group coordinated by professor Sandra Favero and which brings together undergraduate, master's and doctoral students from the Department of Visual Arts and the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts, in the line of Artistic Processes Contemporary CEART/UDESC.

The works of artists Angelica Neumaier, Anna Moraes, Gabriela Buffon, Gustavo Reginato, Laura Malmegrin, Luanda de Oliveira, Luiza Reginatto, Mariana Medeiros, Odete Calderan, Pedro Gottardi, Sandra Correia Favero, Shayda Cazaubon and Tiago Meirelles are the result of a practice of propositions made between artists.

According to Sandra Favero, the term Raízes Poéticas entitles an ongoing research, which is carried out by a group of artists from different Brazilian states and cities, brought together within the scope of the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts at the State University of Santa Catarina (Udesc ).

The general objective of the study group is to investigate what happens during the creation process that orders the artist's interior and directs the path to externalization in the form of visual art.

The curation of the exhibition was carried out in a collective and collaborative way by the artists participating in the group and, according to one of the artists, what permeates all the productions is the relationship with the landscape: diverse landscapes, vegetable, sea, urban, terrestrial or hybrid. .

  Start: 07/03/2024 19:00

  End: 04/03/2024 19:00

  Values: free admission.

 Opening: March 7th – Thursday, at 19pm.

Visitation until April 25, 2024 – Monday to Friday, from 13pm to 19pm.

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