Exhibition of the Curta Catarina project with works by filmmaker Kátia Klock

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O LIKE CATARINA will present its 4th exhibition, with an overview of the cinematography of Katia Klock, and its production company Contraponto. It will take place on the last Wednesday of May, the 31st, at 20 pm, at the cinema of CEU of Palhoça. The event is free. 3 short films will be shown:

  • Severus Severino
  • Eli Heil, Creator and Creature
  • The Light of Words, Mbia Reko Pyguá.

After the session, there will be a debate with the presence of Kátia Klock, who will talk to the audience at the CEU Cinema. The debate will be mediated by Eder Summariva, doctor in theater and president of the Palhoça Culture Council.

Katia Klock is an audiovisual director, documentary filmmaker, dedicated to directing, writing and producing. She is also a writer and editor for books and publications. Journalist, graduated from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, she has been working since the early 1990s with cultural and multimedia production. In her investigations and authorial work, she focuses on Latin American documentaries and social, cultural and environmental themes. She has directed dozens of documentaries in the last 25 years, some awarded, all shown at festivals and / or shows and television channels, such as Curta !, CineBrasilTV, SescTV, Arte 1, Canal Brasil, TV Cultura, Canal Futura, among others.

The Curta Catarina project brings filmmakers from Santa Catarina every month to show and discuss their films at CEU Cinema. The project is produced by director and playwright Takashi Severo and Os Bruxos da Corte, and was awarded the Prêmio Catarinense de Cinema, by the Fundação Catarinense de Cultura (FCC) and has the institutional support of the Fundação de Cultura da Palhoça (FMEC).

“Severo Severino” is a documentary that tells a unique and particular story, marked by daring and pain, but also by talent and the transcendental soul that artists of all magnitudes possess. “Severo had worked in our films and suddenly we found him in Praça da Lagoa, living in a car and with health problems. This was the device of the film, we wanted to somehow help you. He was shaken and wanted to talk about his human condition and always made parallels with his situation as an artist at the age of 66, moved by glitter and stages, but with the clear certainty that life is full of confrontations. Severo is superlative in everything, he is an artist even in real life”, comments director Kátia Klock, from Contraponto. There are 18 minutes without taking your attention away from the screen to feel the intensity of the multifaceted artist. Severo Cruz fills the space with sincere speech, a direct look and an expressive presence, with broad gestures, marked by hands adorned with large rings. A mosaic of images with archival photos, scenes from films he participated in, a tour of Rio de Janeiro, testimonials from the actor himself and lots of music, give color and rhythm to “Severo, Severino”, a co-production of Contraponto and Vinil Filmes, directed and written by Kátia Klock and Marco Martins, and executive produced by Lícia Brancher.

Produced by Contraponto, MBYÁ REKO PYGUÁ, the light of words (18min) is directed by Kátia Klock and Cinthia Creatini da Rocha, anthropologist and author of the project. The sensibility of the Guarani people in educating children remains alive despite urban influences. The documentary reveals that the efforts of indigenous teachers are marked by dilemmas, searches, encounters and disagreements. The record proves: spirituality, simplicity and truth translate the light of the Guarani in their teaching process. Recorded in the Guarani language, with subtitles in Portuguese, the documentary mixes narratives of everyday observation and interaction with the characters. To bring closer contact and exercise the Guarani gaze, a camera was shared with students and teachers from the Indigenous School of Basic Education Wherá Tupã Poty Djá, from the village Yynn Moroti Wherá.

Eli Heil's Mundo Ovo opens the doors for the production company Contraponto to record what happens in the studio and museum of one of the most important living artists in the country. Eli Heil, creator and creature is a documentary that reveals Eli Heil's contact with art, the museum that houses more than 2500 works and the studio, where the artist gives life to all her beings, and her relationship with the word. Eli Heil is one of the most important artists from Santa Catarina, born in Palhoça in 1929, died in 2017 at the age of 87.

  Start: 31/05/2023 20:00

  End: 31/05/2023 22:00

  Values: free.

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