4th edition of PetRun

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The parking lot at Shopping Itaguaçu receives the 4th edition of Pet Run, event that aims to interact, have fun, and especially, encourage the puppies to practice sports with their owners. For competitors, the Pet Run is divided into two modalities: PET Run and PET Walk. Anyone who is used to running with their dog can sign up for the race in one of its four modalities: Elite, Fun, Kids or Adapted. It's 3 km of pure fun. The start is scheduled for 9 am. Now, if the dog enjoys a lighter walk with its owner, this is the most suitable one, which has a course of 2 km and starts at 9:45 am. Puppies can only participate accompanied by their tutors. One of the novelties of this edition is the space Tosa AUnimal – Monello, which has the renowned groomers Heloisa Knabben Gaertner performing a show of cuts and hairstyles, in addition to passing on his teaching to the pet stores and exhibitors present. Another confirmed attraction is the Bono – the Surfing Dog, world champion surfdog and who has a program on Canal Off. Ivan Moreira, the dog's tutor, participates in a chat on My Pet World Space, and tells a little about the dog's training routine that includes, in addition to the sea, soft sand, trails and waterfalls. The champion dog already accumulates at least eight trophies. The event also has the desired meeting of races, which this time has the SRN – Sem Raça Definida (the famous Vira Latas), starting at 17:XNUMX.

  Start: 05/05/2019 11:00

  End: 05/04/2019 23:00

  Values: R$50 to R$70 (plus the convenience fee) per participant directly on the Pet Run website. Free entrance.

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