Live “Transition of life and career”, with Alessandra Kunzmann and Suzzanny Teixeira

! - This event/schedule has already happened - !

When is the right time to make a career transition? This change can happen unexpectedly or planned. However, whatever your motivation, it should be seen as a new opportunity to develop professionally. Well, this Thursday (11), Alessandra Kunzmann e suzzanny teixeira will comment on these issues, among many others, as well as the new reality of the job market in Brazil and Portugal. THE live will on the Think-Pair-Share profile on Instagram, at 09 am (Brasilia time).

  Start: 11/03/2021 09:00

  End: 11/03/2021 11:30

  Values: Free broadcast.

Image credit used: Think-Pair-Share/Disclosure.


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