2nd Tarja Preta - POSTPONED TO 18/06

! - This event/schedule has already happened - !

Release: The organization of Tarja Preta (PHE Agency and Academic Center of the Pharmacy) together with Life Club inform that due to the bad weather conditions, the structure leased from third parties to cover the Center Show could not withstand the strong winds and made the event unfeasible. Thinking about the quality and safety of the almost 4.000 people that the party was going to receive and considering that the internal structure of Life Club would not hold the entire public, we will postpone the event to June 18th (Wednesday - Holiday Eve) . We are very unhappy with this situation but unfortunately we have no control over time and we mainly value the quality and safety of the event and the satisfaction of our audience. Anyone who wants can look for us and request a refund of the ticket value, today we will be at Life Club and UFSC (vans exit) and during the next few days Direct at the PHE Agency or CAF, but we guarantee that the party on the 18th will still be better with many new surprises! We count on the understanding of all of you and we are available for any doubts.

  Start: 19/06/2014 00:00

  End: 20/06/2014 02:30

  Values: Male Open Bar, R$55. Female Open Bar, R$45. Love Pass, R$90.

  •   life club
  • Highway SC 401, 14.525 - Canasvieiras / Jurerê (Direction to the North of the Island - Next to the Elevado de Jurerê)
  • Florianópolis
  •   (48) 3266 4037 / 99630-9454 (Tim) / 99945-7524 (Tim)

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