Festa Junina at IL Campanario

O IL Campanario, hotel in Jurerê In, North of Florianópolis Island, promotes a Festa Junina open to the public this Saturday, 08th, from 15pm until 18pm, and also on June 22nd (Saturday, at the same time).

Full of fun and tradition for the whole family, the events will feature environments decorated in many colors, as well as typical cuisine, with many delicacies, such as hominy, rice pudding, pé de moleque, quentão, paçoca, cocada, as well as pine nuts, corn , peanuts, love apple and more.

Festa Junina open to the public at IL Campanario. Photo: Bruno Feles/Disclosure

In addition, they should include a snack table: juices, sandwiches and soft drinks to suit all tastes.

To liven up the party even more, there will be live music, with a forró repertoire, performed by Trio Cascaes. This way, families will be able to have fun and dance to the sound of accordions and drums, reliving the joy of the June festivities in the interior.

There will also be the traditional and lively square dance, which will excite audiences of all ages in an infectious and colorful dance.

There will also be lots of themed games for children, such as fishing, can tumble, clown mouth, memory game and hoop, as well as inflatable toys (slide, bounce house, ball pool, goal kick and many more).

Furthermore, everyone is invited to come in country attire, to make the party even more fun.

Prices include R$50 (adult) and free for children up to 12 years old (including games and food). For reservations and more information, consult WhatsApp (48) 99163-4985.

  Start: 08/06/2024 15:00

  End: 22/06/2024 18:00

  Values:  R$50 (adult) and free for children up to 12 years old (

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