Play 'My father is Argentinian and Right-wing', at Teatro Ademir Rosa

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After the great success in São Paulo and Caxias do Sul/RS, the play "Help! My father is Argentine and right-wing" will be displayed in the Ademir Rosa Theater (CIC), in Florianópolis, on May 25th, at 20:30 pm. In solidarity with the gauchos suffering from the floods, the show's management launched a campaign: all profits from ticket sales made until Sunday (19) will be donated to the people of Rio Grande do Sul. Tickets are available at Sympla.

The play's director, Pedro Casali, reinforces the importance of solidarity. “It is a very delicate moment and we want to help those affected by this catastrophe. Our invitation is this: come help others and have fun with us in this comedy.”

Casali is the son of an Argentine father and a Brazilian mother. When he was still young, his father advised him to leave art as a hobby and invest in another career, and so he graduated in Advertising at Faculdade Belas Artes, in São Paulo. Years later, with the death of his father, Casali used comedy as a support to face his grief. Since then, most of his theatrical works involve the two countries Argentina and Brazil as the main plot. Although he is only 37 years old, Casali already has a very productive career: he is a screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, writer, teacher and cast preparer, including for the show “Acrede em Quem Quiser”, on Domingão com Hulk, on TV Globo.

"Help! My father is Argentine and right-wing" addresses politics and family relationships in a funny way. With quick dialogues and sharp humor, actors Gustavo Segré, Gonçalo Segré and Bárbara Pochetto will make the audience laugh out loud and be surprised by unexpected twists.

  Start: 25/05/2024 20:30

  End: 25/05/2024 22:30

  Values: Tickets between R$50 and R$140.